Special Event Skincare: How to Ensure Gorgeous Skin When You Need it Most

Have a special evening out coming up? An awards event, charity dinner, or even a wedding? Ladies know it takes weeks to properly prep and primp for an important event, but while you’re hitting the gym and counting calories to fit into your dress, you should also be thinking about skincare. Here’s how to help your skin look its best from the inside out.

Work those Super Foods

Include more spinach and kale in your diet to increase antioxidants and vitamin C. In fact, a spinach, kale, and mandarin orange salad is a terrific combination. Vitamin C reduces redness and scarring, and will improve your immune system so you don’t get sick before the occasion!

Choose your skincare products carefully

Adopt a consistent skin care regimen using products that meet your skin’s unique needs. Not sure what cleanser, eye cream or moisturizer is best for you? Ask us and we’ll be happy to recommend our favorites for your skin type. Here’s a tip: to help with puffiness, refrigerate your eye-cream! It’s better than a cucumber.

Be gentle

Only have gentle facials for the month prior to the event, like a peel four weeks before, or microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a great option since the machine is designed to stimulate collagen and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring, helping you look naturally fresh and youthful. Our facials never cause clients to leave looking red and we are careful to not over-exfoliate your skin.  

If you’re planning to wear a sexy, skin-baring outfit, consider the Red Bamboo Back Facial – it helps repair sun damage, and calms, clears and polishes the skin on your back. Perfect for strapless or backless  dresses! 

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