PRP Hair Regeneration Clearwater

Hair loss is a frustrating and often embarrassing problem that impacts men and women alike, especially with age. This is why Dr. Francis Toscano and his team at Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida now offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair regeneration as a simple, affordable, and painless hair growth treatment. By undergoing PRP hair regeneration at Red Bamboo Medi Spa, you can restore a fuller, healthier head of hair and rebuild your confidence.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is derived directly from your body simply by drawing a small amount of blood. That blood is placed through a high-powered centrifuge that separates a concentrated mixture of blood platelets, stem cells, and growth factors from the rest of the blood. Thanks to its rich and powerful contents, PRP is capable of triggering deep therapeutic healing as soon as it is injected into the body.

How Does PRP Achieve Hair Growth Regeneration?

PRP treatments deliver such dramatic hair growth results because the platelets, growth factors, and stem cells within the PRP stimulate the growth of weak and injured hair follicles. By promoting an accelerated rate of tissue regeneration and cellular growth, PRP can trigger inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase. This improves the thickness, strength, and appearance of your hair in a safe and natural way.

The Benefits of PRP for Hair Regeneration

Most patients experience optimal results after a series of three to five PRP injection treatments. Each treatment is painless because the skin is numbed prior to injection, and men and women alike can take advantage of this cutting-edge procedure. PRP is also more affordable than costly hair transplant procedures. In addition to being used as a response to hair loss, PRP hair regeneration at Red Bamboo Medi Spa can also be used to prevent hair loss from beginning. The well-known comedian Daniel Tosh, for example, receives PRP twice each year to maintain his full head of hair.

If you want incredible, natural hair growth results using a simple, safe, and non-surgical treatment that does not require any recovery time, call Red Bamboo Medi Spa at (727) 726-6100 to make your first PRP hair regeneration appointment. Don’t spend another minute letting your unwanted hair loss stop you from feeling like your best, most confident self.