Kybella Double Chin Treatment Clearwater

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Until you hit your 30s and 40s, it’s easy to take the tight, firm skin under your chin for granted. But as you get older, that skin might become fuller and sag downward, creating the appearance of a double chin. This is a condition known formally as “submental fullness,” something that men and women alike struggle with due to aging, genetics, and weight gain.

Dr. Frank Toscano and his team at Red Bamboo Medi-Spa are excited to now offer Kybella, a double chin treatment and the first and only FDA-approved treatment for submental fullness. Kybella is an injectable that reduces the appearance of moderate to severe fat on the neck and chin in order to contour the area and create a smoother, younger appearance.

More About Your Double Chin

Submental fullness is a common problem that has only recently become a treatable condition. A double chin is most likely to form with age as the layer of fat located on the chin for protection gradually slips down and becomes saggy and wrinkled. If age doesn’t cause a double chin, genetics might play a part by generating extra water retention or weak chin muscles in that area.

Most of the body can be enhanced with a healthy diet and regular exercise, but a double chin is relatively resistant to those forms of lifestyle improvements. This is why Red Bamboo Medi-Spa offers the Kybella Double Chin Treatment injection to eliminate that extra chin fat and create a smooth, contoured appearance.

Kybella: A Simple, Painless, Non-Surgical Treatment

Kybella is a clinically proven injection that dissolves extra fat in the chin and neck area while simultaneously tightening and smoothing the skin above the fat. Its main ingredient, deoxycholic acid, exists naturally in the body to break down and absorb fat. When Kybella’s deoxycholic acid is injected directly into the double chin, it prevents cells from storing and accumulating fat while also permanently destroying existing fat.

Dr. Toscano will work with you to customize your Kybella double chin treatment for optimal results. With two to six injections over a six month period, Kybella will work gradually to reduce your double chin and create a smooth, beautiful contour in its place.

Dramatic Kybella Results

This non-surgical, virtually painless treatment is quick and simple. You can receive your injection and return to your daily schedule without dealing with any pain or downtime. Kybella works gradually to deliver impressive results, so after your first few injections you will notice your chin area looking more defined, slim, and attractive.

With a healthy lifestyle, these results last permanently, since the fat cells are completely eliminated! Call Red Bamboo Medi-Spa today to learn more and begin your journey to transform your body.