Dr. Toscano was awarded “Best SmartLipo in Tampa Bay” by DuPont Registry Magazine.

“Now that you’ve tried the others, come back to the one that really works. Smartlipo-The Gold Standard of Laser Liposuction.” Have you had an unsatisfactory liposuction result? We are now prepared to offer special pricing for patients who need corrections.

SmartLipo by RedBamboo featured on American Health Front Medical News, NBC

Laser technology has completely changed liposuction. You no longer have to live with that roll around your waist, that belly pooch, those bulges at your hips or bra line, or the loose skin of your inner thighs or upper arms. Even your jaw line and neck can be sculpted and tightened with SmartLipo by Red Bamboo.

Dr. Toscano at Red Bamboo has been named ”Best SmartLipo Provider in Tampa Bay” by duPont Registry and a “Doctor of Distinction” by Tampa Bay Metro Magazine.

In the tranquil setting at Red Bamboo, liposuction becomes a virtually painless, wide-awake procedure with tiny incisions, minimal downtime, significantly less cost and spectacular results.

You begin with a complimentary consultation with Red Bamboo physician, Dr. Frank Toscano, who has been certified by Cynosure and who has performed over a thousand SmartLipo procedures. We explain in great detail what you can expect to experience during your SmartLipo procedure and Dr. Toscano will answer every question you may have.

On the day of your SmartLipo, we help you get comfortably settled in a beautiful suite with exquisite artwork, soothing music, gentle aromas and the calming touch of a of medical assistant. Dr. Toscano first numbs the skin and then, after making tiny incisions no larger than the tip of a pencil, painlessly infuses anesthetic under the skin. There is no need for IV lines and no general anesthesia.

Once the layer of fat is completely numb, a fiber optic thread the size of a strand of spaghetti delivers the laser energy that melts fat and tightens skin. Because you are fully wide awake, you may chat with Dr. Toscano, listen to music, sip juice or eat crackers while we sculpt a new you. The melted fat is removed with suction and we help you into a compression garment that you wear for the next two weeks. After a light snack, Dr. Toscano reviews any questions you may have and gives you his private cell phone number so that you may contact him directly day or night. Most of our patients are back to work the next day.

It is easy to become confused by similar sounding names: Aqua Lipo, Artlipo, Cool Lipo, iLipo, Vaser Lipo, Zerona. Some of these machines are capable of melting fat and tightening skin and others are completely ineffective. The real difference at Red Bamboo is the quality and experience you receive from Dr. Toscano. At Red Bamboo, we say, “It’s the doctor that makes the difference, not the machine.”

In 2008, Dr. Toscano became the first physician to introduce SmartLipo to Pinellas County and has performed more of these amazing procedures in this area than anyone else. Red Bamboo’s satisfied patients include other Physicians, Registered Nurses and even a few celebrities.

Advantages of SmartLipo by RedBamboo:

•    Painless
•    No IV and no general anesthesia
•    Tightens your skin as it melts fat
•    Sculpts away problem areas
•    Minimal or no downtime
•    Much less expensive than traditional liposuction
•    Highly experienced physician Dr. Frank Toscano named “Best SmartLipo in Tampa Bay,” by duPont Registry

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation to see what SmartLipo by Red Bamboo can do for you.

Featured Patients

Before After 6 Weeks
Before After 6 Weeks
Before After 6 Weeks
I am delighted with the experience and results. The results are nothing short of amazing.I have dropped two pant sizes within six weeks. I did not expect this dramatic change so soon and could not be happier. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has ever thought about liposuction and would be happy to speak with any patients who are considering having this done.Kristy McManus, R.N., B.S.N.

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