Swimsuit Season is Coming Up – Are You thinking of Laser Hair Reduction?

No shaving, no plucking, no pulling, NO WAXING. How great does that sound? Laser Hair Reduction has come a long way since it debuted over two decades ago, but it still takes around six sessions to achieve the best results. Which means now is the time to decide how you’re going to deal with unwanted hair this summer. Here’s what you should know about Laser Hair Reduction.

Why We Love Lasers

We use the top of the line LumenisLightsheer 810 Diode Laser – it’s the most effective hair removal method available and can be used on all skin types, on almost any area of the body.

Laser hair removal is faster, less painful, and more reliable than electrolysis. But the removal process still needs to be timed appropriately to catch the hair follicles at the right stage in their growth cycle. This is why treatments are spaced out three to eight weeks apart.

How You Can Help Ensure Successful Treatment

To increase the effectiveness of treatment, skip the tanning bed and wear sunscreen. Dark hair follicles in light skin are far easier to kill than hair on tanned skin, or darker skin types. Which isn’t to say darker skin types can’t benefit – they may just require more treatment sessions. If possible, avoid tanning four to six weeks prior to treatment.

Lasers target the pigment melanin in hair follicles, which means the hair actually needs to be in the follicle. So don’t wax, tweeze, bleach, thread, or use depilatories for one month prior to treatment. You don’t have to be a “bearded lady” however – shaving or clipping is fine, but let there be a little growth on the treatment day. We tell our clients to shave the day before.

After treatment, you may experience mild irritation that looks and feels a little like a sunburn, so avoid sun exposure for the entire duration of your laser hair reduction treatments, and be very gentle with cleansing treated skin.  

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