About Us

Red Bamboo Medi Spa is the vision of its founders Licensed Esthetician, Raye Toscano, and her husband Dr. Francis Toscano. This elegant and beautiful sanctuary combines personal compassion, customer service and technical skill while emphasizing aesthetics and calming relaxation.

Dr. Toscano realized that many medical practitioners in the Tampa Bay Area were adding aesthetic services as a sideline to their already busy practices. He understood that there was a real need in the Tampa Bay area for a quality medical practice that focused only on aesthetics and was dedicated to providing the type of nurturing environment and high level of service discriminating spa clients deserve. Dr. Toscano, who is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, and his wife, Raye Toscano, teamed up to create Red Bamboo Medi Spa. Their goal was to build a true sanctuary of calm and healing and to assemble a team of skilled professionals who, working together, are able to design an individual program for their clients that fosters healthy and beautiful transformation.

The vision and mission of Red Bamboo Medi Spa is to set the ultimate standard by focusing exclusively on non-surgical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures by constantly acquiring groundbreaking training. Red Bamboo Medi Spa has come to occupy a special and unique place in the hearts and minds of its patients with a passionate approach to aesthetic medicine that combines artistic vision and skill, while fostering a special patient-physician communication in a tranquil sanctuary.