Juvederm For Improving Your Skin’s Volume

As a result of aging and the damaging effects of the sun, the volume of the skin decreases, and fine lines, sags, and wrinkles begin to appear. If the volume is restored to the skin, sags and wrinkles fill out, essentially turning back the clock on aged skin. While there are numerous treatments available that promise to improve the volume of skin, the FDA has approved the Juvederm treatment in Tampa, and the results of the treatment last for as long as one year. With volumizing treatments for the skin, your skin will be noticeably smoother and fuller, reducing the appearance of sags and wrinkles.

How It Works

Juvederm treatments are performed in a clinical setting by a qualified clinician or doctor using sterile equipment. Juvederm is a gel that is injected below the surface of the skin. Your doctor injects gel in the areas of tissue that have been affected by volume loss. Because collagen is lost over the years and tissues break down, the gel effectively adds volume to the skin by filling it out, essentially replacing the tissues and the lost collagen. The treatment offers a boost for the facial tissues and gives tissues a smoother appearance by filling out sags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Common problems areas, like smile lines and saggy jowls, are some of the areas that can benefit the most from the gel. A filler of this type can erase years from one’s appearance, and the treatment lasts for many months without the need for touchups.

The procedure itself is only mildly painful, and some pain can linger for a few days after the procedure. The gel is very smooth in consistency, which helps diminish the amount of pain that comes with the injecting process, as opposed to other filler products that don’t offer that same, smooth texture. The treatment areas can be numbed topically to alleviate any pain associated with the procedure, such as the injecting of the gel. Many find that they do not need any numbing while having the procedure performed, but it is an option available, especially to ease your comfort during a first-time procedure.

Why Choose Juvederm?

With the number of products available to fill skin and increase the volume, why should you choose Juvederm? There are numerous reasons why this treatment should be your top choice. For one, the FDA has approved the treatment, indicating that the results may be seen for up to a year. While other fillers are known to work for a short time, none last as long as Juvederm. This means that you can continue seeing the results while users of other treatments are heading back to their doctors for frequent touch ups. This filler also uses an ingredient, hyaluronic acid, that offers a more smooth consistency to the gel than with other formulas, which often result in a more granular texture. With Juvederm, you can have the procedure performed, and you can enjoy your appearance for months to come before having to think about repeating the procedure.

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