Radiesse For Erasing Wrinkles

Many of us use beauty products for our hair to make it look full and fabulous, but did you know that you can do the same for your face? As we age, the tissues and collagen in the face begin to break down, and our skin loses its volume. This causes lines, wrinkles, and sagging that worsens with each additional year. There is, however, help in the form of a beauty treatment for your skin that can visibly improve the amount of volume in your skin, erasing wrinkles and lines and filling in sagging tissues. Radiesse is the key to regaining a more youthful appearance.

Volumizing Effects

Some treatments, like Botox, freeze the nerves of the face to help improve the appearance of wrinkles. However, Radiesse actually works by not only filling in the area below the surface of the skin to improve volume, but also by infusing skin with the materials needed so that you can produce more collagen. Like other fillers, Radiesse is injected below the surface of the skin. The smooth gel fills in sagging areas that have lost collagen and have decreased in volume, and the result will be soft, supple skin that noticeably firmer and smoother. The gel is made from calcium based biospheres that do not cause the types of allergic reactions that fillers made with other types of synthetic materials can cause.

Advantages Of Radiesse

Radiesse is quickly becoming one of the leading treatments performed by both plastic surgeons and dermatologists due to the amazing results. In addition, the treatment lasts for many months without the need of a touch up, which also makes this fantastic filler a better option than other similar treatments. Women around the country who have used this treatment are able to look in the mirror each day knowing that they will be seeing a firmer, more youthful face peering back. The erasure of fine lines, wrinkles, and sags will be evident to the hands as well as the eye, as skin will feel noticeably more firm and smooth.

The Process

Radiesse treatments in Tampa Bay are performed by a doctor in a clinic, and the procedure does not take very long. The areas to be treated are the only ones that are affected by the injection. The injections are typically not very painful, as the gel is combined with an ingredient that is used to numb the skin. The combined filler and numbing agent work better to prevent pain than other fillers that do not include any numbing; these procedures have to rely solely on topical anesthetics to reduce the amount of pain. The needles used are quite thin as well, which also helps to reduce the amount of discomfort felt during the procedure.

Long Lasting Results

In addition, because the formula can help to stimulate collagen production below the skin’s surface, the effects of the treatment are long lasting. This means that you won’t have to visit your doctor several times a year to keep benefiting from the treatment. With Radiesse, results are quick, and you’ll see healthier looking, smoother skin for many months after treatment.

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