Skin Firming Solutions

skin firmingWrinkles and sagging are a part of life, but there are myriad ways to prevent and treat these signs of aging. Your skin stops producing the same chemicals needed for youthful radiance as time goes on and gravity causes everything to lose perkiness eventually. Don’t worry, though—the loss of skin elasticity and skin thinning can be dealt with to keep your complexion looking youthful!

Professional Treatments

A plastic surgeon or dermatologist can replace the collagen your sagging skin is lacking through a series of injections. They will inject the collagen anywhere you feel your skin needs filled out or plumped up. You can also try a fat graft where doctors use fat from other parts of your body to firm up the drooping area. Recovery time from these procedures is generally short, though it varies from person to person.

Creams and Lotions

Many cosmetics claim skin-firming properties, but how many of them actually work? Two key ingredients in creams and lotions that have been proven to reverse signs of aging are retinoic acid and simple SPF additives. The retinoic acid encourages collagen growth in skin, much like the professional injections. Products with SPF protect against further sun damage and, when added to cream, can help boost the moisturizing properties to keep skin elastic.

Home Remedies

Different homemade concoctions are said to help with skin firming, but across the board people agree that a balanced diet will help with youthful appearance.

Here are some natural ingredients people have used as skin firming solutions:

  • Egg whites
  • Coffee
  • Clay
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E

From natural home remedies to professional surgical injections, experts are inventing new anti-aging methods all the time. Not everything works and nothing beats prevention when it comes to skin damage. Stay updated to learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs or have a go at creating your own anti-aging formula!




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