Your Guide to Winter Skincare

Your Guide to Winter Skincare

winter skincare Winter brings with it a ton of holiday cheer: with the excitement of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year just around the corner, there’s no wondering why this is called the most wonderful time of the year. Through Florida’s famously mild winter might not seem like they present the biggest hurdles to your skin, it does bring about some changes that make it a great idea to give your skin some extra care and attention. Today, we’re covering all things related to winter skincare: how the changing season impacts your skin, daily tips for optimizing the appearance and health of your skin, and some incredible skin treatments that are perfect for the winter. Ready to finish off the year with luminous skin? Just keep reading.

Seasonal Changes Affect Your Skin (Even in Florida)

It might be tempting to roll your eyes at the idea of a Florida winter having much of an impact on your skin (especially if you’re originally from a colder climate). However, winter does bring about some changes that can genuinely impact both the look and feel of your skin. For one, the cooler temperatures and reduced humidity of a Florida winter, though resulting in relatively mild weather, can cause dryness that you may not experience the rest of the year. When left unaddressed, dryness can easily turn into premature wrinkling and lines. Another extremely common side effect of a Florida winter with massive skin effects is that, during the cooler months, it can be easy to forget to put on sunscreen. This is a major faux pas – no matter how cold it might be outside, it’s necessary to apply sunscreen to your face, hands, and all other exposed parts of your body every day you go outside. This is crucial to preventing wrinkles, lines, and – most importantly – skin cancer.

Daily Tips for Fresh, Beautiful Skin

The best thing you can do on a daily basis to make the most of your winter skincare is stick to a go-to routine consistently. Every morning, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, moisturize, and apply sunscreen. Before bed, repeat the morning’s steps (minus the sunscreen) and, if you’d like, you can use an eye cream for extra moisture and/or serum that’s rich in Vitamin C to help promote smooth and even skin. Stick to your skincare routine as consistently as you can not just during the winter, but year-round, for optimal results. Moisturizing your skin is crucial for the drier winter months. Make sure you go with a gentle, dermatologist-approved moisturizer that sits comfortably on your skin.

Your Go-To Winter Skincare Treatments

Winter is a great time to go the extra mile in pampering your skin. If this is something you’re interested in doing, consider one of the two excellent facial options below. 

European Facial

The beauty about a European Facial is that it’s customized to your skin type, specifically addressing your skin’s specific texture and needs. This treatment option isn’t just great for in-depth cleansing, toning, brightening, and tightening – it also includes extractions to help ensure that you close out the year with clear, healthy skin. 

Look Out For Great Seasonal Specials

In honor of the holiday season, we’re offering exclusive, limited-time only deals on some of our most sought-after skin treatments. Reduced prices on our seasonal pumpkin mask facial (a client favorite, by the way!), our Dermaplaning Enzyme Mask Facial, and our Laser Hair Reduction Packages (which can be as low as 6 sessions for just $300!) make this holiday season the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to an amazing skincare experience. You can learn more about our specials here (and it’s a good idea to hurry – these won’t be available much longer).  

Consistency is key to keeping up with a great winter skincare routine, and this is also the perfect time of year to go the extra mile in giving your skin some special care. With incredible deals and countless options for effective ways to pamper your skin, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to keep your skin looking great and feeling even better this season. To get started with your winter skincare, feel free to schedule a consultation with us

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