Why Over the Counter Beauty Creams are Useless

Did you know that each year people spend thousands of dollars on facial creams that are actually pretty much useless? Unless they are used after a good, professional beauty enhancement treatment, these creams cannot even make it past the first layer of dead skin cells, and down into the deep levels where it really matters. Hydrating the outer layer of your skin isn’t going to do much, other than allow a few dead skin cells to come off, which is the little bit of improvement that people see, and makes them come back for more- time and time again. To start improving the look of your skin, you need to start on a professional level and then work your way down to over the counter products that can help maintain the new, glowing look you’ve achieved through these well-known methods that are used at RedBamboo.

Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective professional beauty treatments because it creates a new look for your skin right after treatment, and allows your at home beauty products to reach your skin at a cellular level. When you have microdermabrasion done, the dead layer of skin that is creating a barrier for your other layers is removed. This removal is positive because the dead layer of skin simply creates a dull, washed out appearance, which people generally want to avoid. Through a method involving a microdermabrasion wand and small crystals, this layer is completely removed and your skin is lift looking more radiant than ever.

Anotherr effective beauty enhancement treatment that is done by a professional is the TCA Orange Peel. Some people simply fall in love with this procedure because the ending results provide a natural, youthful looking glow, with less lines and wrinkles. The TCA Orange peel is done by a physician and uses salicylic acid to treat aging and sun damaged skin. The process is more aggressive than others, so the results are quite noticeable and are easily achieved.

A Dermafile Exfoliation Treatment is somewhat similar to microdermabrasion in the sense that it removes dead skill cells, but the process is different than mirco. Dermafile is done with a handheld, stainless steel want that uses a variety of small, crushed medical diamonds to remove the outer layer of the skin and reveal healthy looking skin that you’ll be sure to love.

Once you have one of these methods done, your skin care creams will begin to work effectively and actually provide results. If you’re interested in learning more about which method would be best for your skin care needs, contact us today and set up a consultation. 

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