Why Is It so Important to Get a Facial?

While getting a facial makes you feel and look great at the same time, it’s much, much more than that. It’s also a wellness treatment for an area of skin that is always exposed yet not always protected. Your face is the first thing that others will notice and the part of the body where your emotions will shine through. Getting a facial should be part of an overall wellness regimen and should not be thought of only as a luxury.


Down here in Tampa we are exposed to a lot more sun than other areas in the United States and since we are right beside the coastal line there’s a lot more humidity that we have to deal with as well. It’s important to get the deep cleansing that only can be provided by a facial along with the exfoliation of dead skin cells and then the hydration for protection. While keeping your face clean at home is an important part of a facial treatment plan, regular spa facials need to be scheduled as well.

Emotionally uplifting

Your skin won’t be the only thing that gets uplifted with a facial. You’ll feel better about your appearance and your skin will absolutely glow afterwards. Sometimes when life starts to get to you and you start feeling the winter blahs all it takes is a facial to get you back into the spirit of things again.

Get that clean feeling

Some of our customers tell us that they know it’s time to come in for a facial when they find themselves scrubbing their face and they just can’t seem to get it clean. No matter how hard they rub and scrub there seems to be an underlying layer of dirt that they cannot erase. Our facials remove the dirt and toxins that have been accumulating since your last visit so you can get that “just cleaned” feeling again.

Here in Tampa we provide facials that make you look and feel good about yourself again. When you know that it’s time for a good cleaning and to help make your face look radiant again, give us a call. We are here to help you look and feel absolutely great again!

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