Who is a Candidate For Intense Pulsed Light therapy?

Intense Pulsed Light therapy, or the use of broad-spectrum light beams to treat a variety of skin conditions, is growing in popularity, but is not for everyone.

The relatively new technology is seeing increasing use by dermatologists and their patients because its use does not require any real recovery time. The patient can return to life directly after treatment. And though repeated treatments are required, results often can be seen in just a few weeks.

But there are those who should approach IPL with caution or avoid it all together. Those who may not be candidates are those who:

  • Are insulin-dependent diabetics, because of the risk involved in wound healing and fighting infection. Those who take oral medication must be pre-approved by their doctor.

  • Are prone to keloids, or hyper- or hypo-pigmentation

  • Have darker skinned ethnicity in their backgrounds, though some may be treated successfully. The perfect skin type is a white-skinned European without oily skin.

  • Are on any blood thinners or anti-coagulant home remedy such as aspirin or even garlic, ginko, ginger, or bilberry tablets. These all must be discontinued for at least 10 days before light treatment can go forward.

  • Are pregnant. Though there is no radiation produced by IPL, the recommendation is to wait until after delivery. Even then, a spot test is suggested.

Clinics will ask questions

Because of this, most clinics require a pre-treatment consultation to go over your medical and family histories. The clinician will want to discuss your current health and any conditions you’ve had in the past. They will examine your skin and perhaps require a spot test to see if you are indeed eligible.

Once approve and treated, there are few side effects and most patients can go right back to living life with perhaps only some slight redness and minor swelling. Some, however, may experience some rare blistering or slight bleeding.

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