What’s Your Strategic Skincare Plan?

As a nation, Americans are obsessed with our looks. We run for miles, diet forever and search out every online skin product that promises anti-aging, rejuvenation results.

Some women pay thousands of dollars a year trying one product or another just to look better than they did yesterday. 

We craft a daily exercise regimen and menus that include Greek Yogurt or smoothies.

 We buy only bottled water and avoid processed foods high in salt and sugars. We even design a plan for what time to feed the baby and take a bath. 

And along with all that what we seldom do is create a skincare plan that will slowly and over time rejuvenate our skin. For those under the age of 40 as well as those over the age of 60, developing a strategic skin care plan is essential to acquiring and maintaining good skin. 

Visit a Medical Spa/Cosmetic Center

There is a practical reason to make an appointment at a medical spa/cosmetic center. Most of these facilities have a Licensed Aesthetician on the premises.

These centers can help you develop your own personal plan that will return your skin to its younger appearance.

Instead of putting well-meaning faith in online sites that suggest ways to avoid a medical professional that is trained to observe your skin’s needs, take the time to visit a medical spa/cosmetic treatment facility that has a certified emergency physician supervising the programs. 

Is it important that the doctor in charge of the clinic is an emergency room physician? You bet it is.  If you have an allergic reaction or a heart attack – which can happen to anyone and have nothing to do with the services or facility – an emergency room physician is experienced at reacting and treating you immediately. 

By establishing a routine skincare plan that can be coordinated with the spa and followed at home, your skin’s healthy glow will shine brightly as you age. 

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