What You Can Expect from Waxing

Removing unwanted hair from your body is a necessary process that needs to be repeated time after time unless you opt for laser hair removal. Since a lot of people can’t afford to do this procedure yet they decide to get waxing instead to see the best results. If you’re tired of the constant shaving and plucking, waxing is a step up and should be considered while you’re trying to get your finances together for complete laser hair removal.

Understanding waxing

Waxing is a process that removes unwanted hair for approximately 6 weeks at a time. A strip of hot wax is applied to the area and then peeled off quickly removing the unwanted hair. The hair is pulled out from the root, which gives longer lasting results than shaving.

The hair regrowth cycle

While the hair that is visible won’t start to grow back for about 6 weeks, there is other hair underneath your skin that is either in a resting or transitional phase. In most cases 10% to 15% of your hair is in a resting phase while 2% to 3% of it is in a transitional phase.

This means that some of your hair may come to the surface again earlier than the estimated 6-week period if it is your first time getting a waxing. Don’t be surprised if you go in to get your eyebrows done and then a week later see a few hairs popping out. This is normal and can be expected until you have established a regular waxing routine that takes into account all of the regrowth cycles of your hair. Simply pluck these few hairs out while you’re waiting for your next appointment to arrive.

Your next scheduled visit should be in 2 – 4 week’s time following your first appointment. After your first 3 appointments you can start scheduling longer time periods between appointments. At this stage of the game you will no longer be seeing random hairs popping out from the places that have been waxed. These areas will remain smooth and you can pack your razor and tweezers away for good.

Here at Red Bamboo Medi Spa you can receive professional waxing on any part of your body that needs unwanted hair removal. We have trained and qualified staff here that will make sure that the waxing is done expertly so that you can receive the results you expect. It is never recommended that you wax at home on your own since you may end up breaking hair particles upon removal, which will result in faster hair regrowth.

Once you get on schedule with your waxing you can expect clear smooth skin for weeks at a time. It’s time to retire your tweezers and shaver for good and enjoy the professional results that can only come from expert waxing. Click here to schedule your waxing appointment at our Tampa spa. 

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