What Type of Facial is Right for You?

facialMaintaining clear, healthy skin complexion can be a major challenge. Harsh sun, environmental irritants, body toxins, and harsh skin products can dehydrate the skin, block pores, and cause countless undesirable imperfections.

A facial restores your radiant complexion by getting rid of dead skin, opening the pores, and hydrating skin for a brighter, healthier appearance. To maintain the gorgeous results of your facial, you want to carefully plan your beauty routine to ensure you use products that will prevent the dull and lifeless skin from returning. Such a routine requires cleaner, toner, and moisturizer. Caring for your skin with purpose will preserve your radiant looking skin until your next facial appointment.

So which facial is best for you? There are often a host of facials from which to choose, but you need to pick the facial that matches best with the needs of your skin. Below three of the most popular facials are explained. Pick the one that aligns with your needs, treat your skin with TLC before and after, and you will find that your complexion will look better than you knew it could!

Mini-Facials are intended for patients who are short on time but still need a beauty treatment to revive the skin. A mini-facial takes about 30 minutes and results in a freshly glowing face. The process usually involves make up removal, gentle oil removal and exfoliation, a mask, application of toner, and moisturizer. In less time than it takes to eat lunch, your face will be transformed.

The Europeans always seem to have the best of everything, and a European facial is no exception.  This thorough, deep cleaning treatment targets the face and neck to create healthier, fresher looking skin. It’s meant to be used monthly in your skincare routine. You can think of the European facial as the longer version of a mini-facial. The same principles are applied in a more thorough manner.

Back: Unfortunately pimples, blemishes, and other skin imperfections don’t limit themselves to the face.  The back can be a hotspot for skin issues that make you hesitant to wear tank tops and bikinis. A back facial will deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and rid your back skin of impurities. This makes it a great choice before major events like weddings or pool parties.

Each facial has its place in a beauty routine. Enjoy the benefits and flaunt your skin every chance you get!

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