What to Expect From Your IPL Photorejuvenation Laser Treatment

IPL laser treatments are an excellent way to reduce the appearance of skin redness, age spots and discoloration on the face. However, not much is known about the nature of the treatment, or the exact nature of the results you can expect afterwards.

This helpful guide will explain exactly what happens both during and after your IPL laser treatment.

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A Guide to Your IPL Laser Treatment

  1. How it works. The device produces a series of light waves, which are directly targeted at the red blood cells in the blood vessels, or the brown pigment found in age spots. The light enters the skin, where it is absorbed, causing deliberate damage to the vessel wall or melanin pigment; quite literally breaking them apart. These smaller pigments or vessels are then absorbed harmlessly into the body.

  1. What to expect at the treatment. Your IPL laser treatment will take place in a special laser room, and you’ll be given glasses to protect your eyes. The doctor will apply some gel to your skin before passing the IPL device across the area. Afterwards, the gel will be removed and the skin cleaned and moisturized. Should you wish, you can cover the affected area with concealer.

  1. How many treatments? How many treatments you require depends largely on the area you want to be treated. Most people require between three to five treatments, spread over a period of around three to five months.

  1. Will it hurt? The initial treatment is likely to cause you the most discomfort, though the majority of patients indicate that pain is fairly minimal. Some describe it as feeling like an elastic band being released on to the skin.

  1. When will the results show? Initially, patches may appear darker, or crust over. This is very normal, and should improve within about ten days after treatment. You may notice improvements early on, but it’s only by the final treatment (three to five months after the initial session) that you’ll be able to see the real transformation.

More Questions? Seek Out Expert Advice

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