What is Radiesse Volumizing Filler and How Does It Work?

Radiesse Volumizing Filler is an injection that fills in the wrinkles and lines on your face, while restoring collagen.

Smoothing results are immediate, but because it also helps your body make collagen, you will have smoother skin for up to a year after your treatment. That means you can spend only an hour to get this treatment at Red Bamboo Medi Spa, and have long lasting results and beautiful skin for the next six months to a year. Now that’s impressive.

But how does this injection work?

Initially, the injection provides your skin with a filler that will lift and provide volume under your skin. This gives you a naturally young and smooth look immediately after the procedure.

But the best part about this treatment is how long lasting it is. So after the initial change, you will see your skin continue to look fresh and youthful for months because Radiesse Volumizing Filler encourages your body to produce collagen, the protein that keeps your skin firm.

A natural lessening of collagen as we age is what causes wrinkles in the first place. So prompting your body to naturally create collagen is the best way to rid your face of lines and folds for a long lasting youthful look.

Who Might Want to Get Radiesse Injected?

Because we lose collagen as we age, everyone gets wrinkles eventually. Someone who wishes their wrinkles and problem areas were more smoothed out and youthful looking might really want to look into getting a Radiesse injection.

This is also a popular procedure for people who have recently lost a lot of weight also may want to get a face filling injection. People tend to gain wrinkles and lines as they lose pounds. If you just made a great, healthy change in your life, and you should feel beautiful in every way possible, including smooth firm skin.

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