What is Botox Cosmetics?

That almost seems like a stupid question. Everyone has heard of Botox, and knows it’s for making your face look smoother. But what is it specifically for, and how does it really work? Let’s find out.

Botox has become a kind of blanket term for face smoothing injections, but there are a whole lot of these products out there, and each one is different. The name Botox is actually derived from what it’s made out of, botulinum toxin.

True to its name, this is actually a toxin, and in the wrong situation can make you sick. But the way it is used in Botox Cosmetics, it is safe and does a great job making your face smooth and younger looking in no time.

What is Botox Cosmetics Used For?

Botox Cosmetics isn’t a general face filler, but it’s an injection that is meant to be used on the forehead, and reduce the appearance of frown lines specifically.

These frown lines are unattractive and make you look grumpy and old. Botox is used to smooth out that area on your face and will last for months.

Botox Cosmetics not only gets rid of these lines, but it’s a preventative procedure that will also stop frown lines from forming or getting worse.

How Does Botox Cosmetics Work?

Botox Cosmetics isn’t an invasive procedure. This product is simply injected into the muscles in your forehead. It’s really that easy. There’s no recovery time, so you will be feeling great immediately after your injection.

The way Botox works is that the botulinum toxin blocks the nerve impulses to the muscles in your forehead, which stops you from using these muscles excessively. This reduces the look of your current frown lines as well as preventing them from forming or getting deeper.

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