What is Beauty? – Part 5 Your Shape

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Prestige Magazine (10) – December 2009

What is Beauty? – Part 5

Your Shape


Raye Toscano

In previous installments of this “What is Beauty?” series, we’ve discussed tricks and techniques to enhance your eyes and lips and draw attention away from your nose and any blemishes you may have. We’ve mentioned the importance of quality skin care products like Revaléskin and we’ve explained how the artistic use of Botox, Facial Fillers, Intense Pulsed Light, and Erbium Facial Resurfacing can accentuate your own natural beauty and make you appear more vibrant and youthful.

Today we’re going move away from the face to focus on a subject many women would like to avoid, body shape. Gwendolyn Brooks said, “Each body has its art,” yet very few women feel completely satisfied when they look in the mirror. You shouldn’t feel alone. It seems for most of us that no matter how hard we exercise or how strictly we diet, there are always a few problem areas that just won’t improve.

For some women, it’s that little roll around the waist or that pooch under the belly button. For others, the inner or outer thighs seem to attract little deposits of fat or loose skin. For others, it’s the bra line in back or the upper arms or even under the chin.

There is an answer for these problem areas and it’s easier than you think.

SmartLipo is a revolutionary way to melt away these fat deposits permanently with very little down time and minimal discomfort. I’ve had this procedure done myself and I’m enormously happy with the results. Let me explain how it works.

Using local anesthesia, our Physicians make a tiny incision no bigger than the tip of a pen. An anesthetic solution is gently infused under the skin in the fat layer. This step feels a little odd but I didn’t find it the least bit painful. One end of a tiny fiber optic thread, like a piece of thin pasta, is then inserted and the other end is attached to a laser which heats up the thread and melts the fat. Using suction, the liquid fat is removed and that pesky problem area disappears!

The best part of this procedure is that it is painless. You are totally wide awake during the entire process chatting with the Doctors, listening to music, eating crackers and sipping cappuccino while your fat melts away! There’s no general anesthesia and no IV line. Simple and easy.

AND because the laser heats up the underside of the skin, new collagen forms and produces a significant amount of skin tightening and retraction, something you won’t find at all with traditional liposuction. Melted fat, tighter skin – what could be better?

I was back at work the next day already looking thinner. Then for months afterward my body continued to absorb any leftover liquid fat and my skin continued to form new collagen. Each week, it seemed, I became tighter, firmer and thinner.

There are several different types of “Lipo” lasers on the market. It’s important to understand that it’s not the type of laser that matters. It’s the skill of the Physicians doing the procedure. At REDBAMBOO Medi•Spa, Dr. Toscano and Dr. Teleszky have been doing SmartLipo longer and more often than anyone else in Pinellas County. I am especially proud that our Physicians were named the “Best in Tampa Bay” at SmartLipo by duPont Registry. Call us at 727-726-6100 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

I know it’s tempting to overindulge with food and drink during the Holidays. Isn’t this a perfect time to plan for a shapelier “New You” for the “New Year”?

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