What is Beauty? – Part 4 Blemishes

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Prestige Magazine (09) – September 2009

What is Beauty? – Part 4



Raye Toscano

In this series of articles called “What is Beauty?” we have discussed techniques for enhancing your own natural attractiveness. Your eyes and your lips are the key areas that allow your own inner beauty to shine through. Your goal, then, is to direct the attention of others toward those magic areas and away from any distractions.

In the first article of this series, we discussed using Botox and Fillers to soften or erase lines that point toward the nose. The next month, we mentioned techniques that open and emphasize the eyes like Latisse for feathery eyelashes and a tiny pinch of Botox for an arched browlift to make you look more open and refreshed. Last month we discussed how the subtle and artistic use of Fillers in and around the lips can restore lost volume and bring back that luscious youthful look. We even mentioned how a touch of Botox in the right spots can restore that impish smile that gravity drags downward as we age.

This month, I’m going to ask you to look carefully at your face in a mirror. Instead of your eyes or your lips or even your nose, I want you to look everywhere else.

Do you have blemishes, sun damage or brown spots? Maybe you have some reddish flushing or broken capillaries. What about rough texture? Smile lines? Forehead wrinkles? Loose crepey skin under the eyes? Jowls? Hollows? As you look, try to notice anything that catches your eye and draws attention away from your more attractive features.

Now there isn’t one single fix for all of these problems. That’s why you should have a thorough consultation with an experienced aesthetic professional along with a detailed Visia skin analysis. Each person’s face and each person’s concerns are unique but I can tell you that most of those issues can be improved dramatically and usually more easily than you might think. We are fortunate to have lots of tools at our disposal and the expertise to help you choose the right ones for your face.

A key first step is to use a quality line of skin care products. RedBamboo Medi•Spa is the first aesthetic medical spa in the country to carry the amazing Revaléskin product line. These Coffeeberry extract products are loaded with antioxidants that protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and restore moisture and youthful consistency. We also offer a full line of medical aesthetic products and services including prescription-strength chemical peels to repair sun damage and microdermabrasion to polish and smooth areas of roughness.

Our talented Physicians use a combination of various Facial Fillers and Botox to soften wrinkles, smooth jowls and restore lost volume. We even carry the exciting new filler, Hydrelle, featured recently on The Doctors. An Erbium Laser can tighten that loose skin at the jaw line and under the eyes and Intense Pulsed Light removes age spots, sun damage and flushing.

The purpose of this month’s article is to have you focus on the other areas of your face and to notice the little things that might distract someone’s gaze away from your sparkling eyes or your luscious lips. With some guidance from our professionals, you can regain that “peaches and cream” texture that your man will love to caress.

Next month – the Shape, the Silhouette.

You can read the whole series of Raye’s articles at RBMediSpa.com.

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