What is Beauty? – Part 2

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Prestige Magazine (07) – July 2009

What is Beauty? – Part 2

Enhance Your Eyes


Raye Toscan

A woman’s beauty comes from within.  Beauty is the gentle clarity of a intricate thought, the spiritual rush of intuition and the burning flame of passion.  When these inner complexities are expressed through the eyes and on the lips, that is what makes a woman captivatingly beautiful.

Your goal, then, when you attempt to augment your own natural beauty, is to remove distractions and focus attention on your eyes and your lips so that an observer cannot help but be motivated to explore the secrets hidden within.

Last month, we described some techniques we use at REDBAMBOO Medi•Spa to direct attention away from the nose such as erasing frown lines with Botox and softening nasolabial folds with Fillers.  This month we’ll focus on enhancing Thoreau’s “jewel of the body,” your eyes.

Your eyes should look open, clear, intelligent and inviting – even mysterious.  How do you get that look?  The most effective technique for opening up your eyes is called the liquid browlift.  This is really nothing more that a few units of Botox strategically and artistically placed to produce a gentle arch to the eyebrow that makes your eyes seem open, alert and refreshed.  This is a subtle change that you are sure to appreciate.  Usually less than $100, this treatment is amazingly affordable.

Another way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes is to enhance them with long gorgeous lashes.  Latisse, the new medication from Allergan is available only by prescription and we at REDBAMBOO were the very first ones in our area to carry it.  Ladies, believe me that it works so well that I have cut back to using it only a few times a week.  Applied at night like eyeliner, Latisse will cause your lashes to grow 100% thicker, 25% longer and 18% darker in just a few weeks.  Check www.latisse.com for some amazing details about this miracle product.  At $120 for a two month supply, Latisse is just too good to pass up.

Some women are concerned about the “smile lines” that develop on either side of their eyes as they age.  (Please, ladies, never call them “crow’s feet”.)  These lines are usually fairly shallow and only appear when you are smiling broadly.  Luckily, they point right toward your eyes – exactly where you want the attention to be when you are happy.  If they are particularly bothersome to you, they can be softened with about 20 to 24 units of Botox.  For many women, however, these lines are not unattractive at all and add significant character and expression to their eyes.  Let us help you decide whether your own smile lines are just fine the way they are or whether they could benefit from some softening.

Next month, how to focus attention on your luscious lips.

We’ll help you focus on the techniques that will provide the most pleasing results for you.  Your eyes are your precious jewels.  They deserve a magnificent setting.

Next month we’ll explore luscious lips.

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