What is a Lip Lift and Would You Be a Good Candidate for One?

As you age, your upper lip will begin to thin and lengthen — causing your mouth to curve down, making it look like a permanent frown.  If this sounds like something you are experiencing, it can definitely affect your self-esteem and image of yourself.  We do not want you to feel this way about your beautiful face and that is why we offer some incredibly advanced lip lift techniques!

A lip lift is basically a procedure that raises the position of the top lip in accordance with the teeth — leaving you with a larger smile. The amount of pink lip that shows will also be enlarged, giving you broader lips. You can also choose to have your lips made fuller through augmentation, which is done by injecting 100% safe ingredients into the lips. 

This may sound a little unnerving to you, but it really is quite simple and painless and patients have been absolutely ecstatic about their results and love the new look of their esthetically pleasing lips and more youthful appearance. The only regret that our patients have ever had is that they didn’t have this simple and life-changing procedure done a lot sooner! 

Have You Heard About Our Latest Breakthrough Technique:  The Toscano Lip Lift with Intradermal Stem-Cell Rejuvenation

The Toscano Lip Lift is our own innovative procedure that quickly removes a tiny sliver of skin at the corners of the lips. You are given local anesthesia, so you will not feel a thing and it is done fairly fast.  Healing after your lip lift is also very rapid, resulting in a pleasing upturn in the corners of your mouth that makes you look like you are smiling again.

Dr. Toscano also combines this lip lift procedure with a full facial Intradermal Stem-Cell Rejuvenation treatment that uses the award-winning Dermapen and purified stem-cells. This results in reduced scarring, an improved laxity and a rejuvenated skin texture.  How is that for an added bonus to your new beautiful smile?!

Which Type of Patient Benefits the Most from One of Our Lip Lifts?

First of all, if the look of your lips has always bothered you and you have been self-conscious about your mouth for many years, then you are a good candidate.  It doesn’t matter how old you are — if you do not feel good about yourself, age shouldn’t play a part.

Other ideal candidates for our Toscano Lip Lift are men and women who are beginning to see the signs of aging and starting to not have any red upper lip showing.  You can usually spot this if you notice that your upper teeth are not showing whenever you open your mouth and smile.

Call us today if this sounds like anything you have been thinking about and we can speak with you further about this groundbreaking procedure and answer any other questions you may have! 

Let us give you back that beautiful smile that you have missed! 

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