What is a European Facial and Why Should I Get One?

The European Facial is a common feature of many spas and is one of the most commonly administered facials. Commonly referred to in Europe as a classic facial, this facial is a great way to improve the look and feel of your skin. For more information before adding this popular facial to your routine, take a look at the information below!

What Is a European Facial?

A European Facial specifically targets your face and neck, and some aestheticians may be able to personalize your facial depending on your complexion or needs. With that said, there are still several common components of a European Facial. Patients first receive a cleansing to rid their face of makeup, before receiving both exfoliation and a steam cleaning. These techniques are followed by an option extraction process and a neck, shoulder, and face massage. Finally, a mask and moisturizer are applied.

Why Should I Get a European Facial?

As you may be able to determine from the steps outlined above, a European Facial is incredibly rejuvenating for your skin. European Facials remove dirt, unclog pores, increase circulation, reduce aging lines, and refresh patients. A European Facial combines steam, exfoliation, massage, cleansing, and masks to be as relaxing as it is beautifying. The results afterwards are immediately noticeable, and patients leave the spa with brighter, softer skin.

Add a European Facial to Your Spa Routine Today!

Adding a European Facial to your spa routine can be a great way to get healthier skin. By getting one every month, you will reap all of the benefits mentioned above and leave the spa feeling healthy and refreshed. There really is no better choice when it comes to an affordable and relaxing way to improve the look and health of your face.

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