What Cosmetic Surgeries Can Reduce My Acne Scars?

acne scar treatment

Truth-be-told, it can be quite frustrating to have to deal with acne and acne scars. Acne and its residual scars are common issues that millions of people face on a daily basis. A variety of over-the-counter creams, lotions, cleansers, ointments, astringents, gels and medications claim to eliminate acne and remove acne scars, but in reality these solutions rarely, if ever, provide complete satisfaction.  Thankfully, there are a variety of professional acne scar treatments that can help you get diminish those pesky acne scars and restore your healthy, youthful glow. If you are tired of looking at your acne scars and you would like to improve your appearance by significantly reducing them, then you have come to right place. This article will help you determine which cosmetic surgery can best help you reduce your acne scars.

Cosmetic surgeries that can help reduce your acne scars:

Chemical Peel

One cosmetic surgery that can help reduce your acne scars is a chemical peel. Chemical peels dissolve the various layers of your skin (epidermis, dermis and/or hypodermis) in an effort to enhance your appearance. This cosmetic procedure consists of chemical solutions that cause your skin to peel. As the damaged and/or diseased skin sheds – new, healthy skin appears. These peels are used to treat skin imperfections like: freckles, fine lines, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, liver spots, rough, scaly skin patches, irregular pigmentation, blemishes, acne and acne scarring.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can also help reduce acne scars. These cosmetic treatments typically consist of collagen or hyaluronic acid. During treatment, a filler is injected into the acne scar to fill in the depressed area. Once the filler has completely penetrated the treatment area, your body begins to produce extra amounts of collagen and smoother skin appears. This treatment not only reduces acne scars, it also improves the condition of your skin. Dermal fillers are primarily used to treat nasolabial folds (i.e. deep creases that transcend from your nose to your mouth), marionette lines (i.e. laugh lines) and facial scars and blemishes.


You can decrease acne scars and improve your appearance by having microdermabrasion. This type of cosmetic surgery consists of applying magnesium oxide or aluminum oxide crystals to the superficial layer of your skin (i.e. the top layer of the skin). A pressurized suction is then used to collect the crystals and the dead and/or diseased skin cells. The results are: healthier skin, reduced (i.e. lightened or faded) acne scars and an improved appearance.

Face Lifts and Skin Tightening

If you have mild acne scars, you may want to consider a simple face lift and skin tightening procedure. These cosmetic treatments consist of pulling up the skin so that your face is tighter, firmer and more polished. Tightening the skin will even out your acne scars so that they are barely noticeable, if noticeable at all.

Laser Resurfacing

Lastly, a cosmetic surgery that has shown success in treating acne scars is laser resurfacing. This procedure consists of using a laser to remove the superficial layer (top layer) of your skin. It is important to note that although this cosmetic procedure is highly effective, it comes with significant risks such as: hypopigmentation (i.e. the loss of natural skin color), hyperpigmentation (i.e. a darkening of the skin) and prolonged redness, tenderness and swelling.


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