What are the Benefits of Paraffin Wax Treatments for Hands or Feet?

Wax has been used in spas for decades, and many spa-goers tend to associate it with removing hair in unwanted places; however, did you know that wax has another function in spas? A paraffin wax bath is a spa procedure that softens rough skin.

What Is Paraffin Wax?

You may recognize the word “paraffin” as this type of wax is commonly found in crayons and candles. It is a relatively soft wax derived from petroleum and has a low enough melting point to not burn or damage skin when it is melted down.

How Does a Wax Treatment Work?

A paraffin wax treatment is quite simple to receive. Spas provide small tubs that heat up and melt paraffin wax to a safe temperature for submersion. The tubs are the perfect size for your feet, hands, or elbows, and allow you to immerse your rough skin in the wax for longer periods of time. Patients usually dip their hands or feet in about three times to create a warm, protective coating for their dry or cracked skin.

What Are the Benefits of Paraffin Treatments?

Paraffin wax treatments have a variety of applications within the world of spas and medicine. One of the best uses of paraffin wax is in softening tough or hard skin and increasing the skin’s elasticity. Paraffin wax is also a form of heat therapy for those facing arthritis and has also been shown to reduce joint pain or stiffness.

Paraffin Wax Treatments for Healthier Hands or Feet

Since the hands and feet often contain some of the roughest patches of skin on anyone’s body, it’s easy to see why many turn to paraffin foot or hand treatments to smooth their skin. As luxurious as it is rejuvenating, a paraffin hand or foot bath may be the perfect addition to any spa trip.


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