Vampire Beauty or Angelic Anti-Aging? The Benefits of PRP Wrinke Reduction

wrinklesIt’s no secret that PRP (platelet-rich plasma) wrinkle treatment is commonly known as the ‘Vampire facelift’, thanks to its use of blood to ease out lines and furrows in the skin.

However, this treatment is far from sinister. In fact, it’s one of the gentlest anti-wrinkle solutions available today, and one of the most effective. Keen to find out more? Here are the main benefits of PRP treatment and why so many people are choosing it to get younger looking, fresher skin.

The Benefits of PRP

  • No allergic reaction. One concern with other forms of skin rejuvenation treatment is the risk of allergic reaction. Although uncommon, it is possible to experience a reaction or sensitivity. However, with PRP treatment, the risk is eliminated, because it is your own blood that is used; a substance that your body is more than used to working with!

  • Entirely natural. There are no added chemicals with PRP treatment. It’s an entirely natural process, which also produces entirely natural results.

  • Provides volume. In addition to plumping wrinkles and easing out lines, PRP treatment can also give volume to areas of the face, such as hollow cheeks or under the eyes.

  • Combats acne scars. PRP treatment has been shown to be hugely effective when it comes to combating acne scars, even deep pitting on the skin.

  • Renewed confidence. The treatment creates really natural results, but they’re also really noticeable. As a result, patients often report a renewed sense of self-confidence, which is perhaps the most valuable benefit of all.

PRP Treatments at Red Bamboo Medi Spa

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