It’s Ultraviolet Awareness Month: What You Should Know about Skin Safety

Red Bamboo Medi Spa sunscreen-5-300x225 It's Ultraviolet Awareness Month: What You Should Know about Skin Safety  The sun’s light and warmth are wonderful, but unfortunately, they’re also dangerous. Since May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to remind yourself of the sun’s impact on your body and the best strategies to prevent skin damage in the future.

Why Is UV Light Dangerous?

The sun sends its energy to Earth in many forms, including ultraviolet light. This type of light isn’t visible to the naked eye, so it can easily infiltrate your body without you realizing it. UVA and UVB rays are the two types of ultraviolet light that break through the ozone layer, and they both pose serious threats to the health of your skin. Since our planet’s ozone layer has become thinner over time, more UV rays are working their way through the atmosphere than ever before.

When UV rays have the opportunity to penetrate the skin, they actually affect the DNA of skin cells to cause sunburn, wrinkling, discoloration, and the formation of skin cancer. UVA rays are slightly weaker but penetrate the skin all the way down to subcutaneous tissue, while UVB rays are more powerful but don’t penetrate the skin as deeply. These harmful UV rays are even present on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t feel like a direct threat, and they become more powerful during the summer and at higher elevations. Simply put, there is never a time that you shouldn’t protect yourself from UV rays.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Skin Safe From UV Rays

The easiest way to prevent skin damage from UV rays is simply to stay inside, but we all deserve to enjoy fresh air each day. When you venture outside, stay in the shade if possible, especially between 10 am and 3 pm when the sun is the strongest. When shade isn’t an option, be sure to wear clothes that protect your skin from the sun, like hats, sleeves, and sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays. Of course, apply a high-quality SPF 30 sunscreen every few hours, especially on your face and neck.

If sun damage has already gotten the best of your skin, there are fortunately many different cosmetic treatments you can utilize to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate signs of sun damage. Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida offers services like IPL, Skinfinity RF, PRP Skin Rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, facials, and peels to reverse unwanted skin damage and help you embrace youthful, healthy skin. Call (727) 726-6100 to make your appointment today!

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