Your Ultimate Guide to Body Hair Removal

Red Bamboo Medi Spa laser-hair-removal-2-1-300x200 Your Ultimate Guide to Body Hair Removal  Body hair may have served its purpose at one point, but in today’s society we’re far more eager to get rid of it than to embrace it. From the underarms and legs to five o’clock shadows and chests, women and men both have a desire to reduce the visibility of their body hair and flaunt smoother, clearer skin. There are many, many hair removal options out there, some better than others. Here are all of the basics you should know!

The Old Fashion Methods: Shaving, Waxing, and Depilatory Creams

Shaving is pretty self explanatory, and we’ve all used a razor at some point in our lives. While it’s simple in a pinch, shaving is simply a bandaid solution; the hair grows back within hours, you risk razor burn and stubble, and you’re stuck completing the same grooming the very next day. Waxing tries to solve this problem by removing hair by the roots, which ensures that it grows back slower and sometimes even thinner or lighter. If you wax regularly for years, your hair might stop growing altogether, but it isn’t a guarantee. Of course, waxing the legs, underarms, or any other major body part comes with the downsides of pain, needing to go shaveless for at least three days, and the potential for burns and infections. Depilatory creams seem very convenient but their chemicals can cause more harm than good to your skin, and the results don’t last much longer than shaving.

Modern Technology: Laser Hair Reduction

If you’re looking for something far more efficient than the above options, consider laser hair reduction. It is a gentle, noninvasive technique that uses laser energy to zap hairs from the body with minimal discomfort. As energy is applied to hair follicles, your unwanted hair is damaged at its root, so that it will not grow back. Most people need a series of treatments to achieve long lasting results since hair follicles exist at different stages of their growth cycles and need to undergo laser treatment at the right stage in order to be removed. Laser hair reduction results last for years, and if any hair ever does grow back, it is significantly lighter and thinner than before. All it takes is one touch up treatment to resolve such strays.

Electrolysis For Permanency

If you’re determined to remove your body hair for good without any question, electrolysis is the right procedure for you. This treatment uses a tiny needle to send electric currents into each hair follicle, one by one, to kill the follicles permanently. Unlike laser hair reduction, which can be tricky with lighter hair colors, electrolysis works equally on all types of hair and skin. This does require a series of treatments, so the results appear gradually. By the end, your treated areas of skin are completely hairless!

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