The Ultimate Benefits of a European Facial

facialFacials have a very long and rich history in skincare, dating back to the queen of beauty herself, Cleopatra, who applied egg whites to her face on a regular basis. Since that time, the art of the facial mask has developed significantly and expanded into an enormous part of the cosmetic industry. If you’re new to facials or simply looking for a simple and reliable way to improve the health of your skin, give the European facial a try!

A European facial is perhaps the most popular and common type of facial because it works so efficiently to cleanse, brighten, tighten, tone, and clear the skin. When done regularly (like Cleopatra’s egg whites!), the European facial can serve as the ultimate skincare maintenance to improve and maintain your skin’s overall appearance.

Deep Cleansing and Extraction

“Cleansing” is a word seen frequently in the cosmetic world, but the European facial truly delivers on this promise. The cleansing involves an exfoliation that scrubs and sloughs dead skin cells from your face. As these dead cells are removed, younger and healthier skin cells can emerge in their place to improve the tone and texture of your skin. The exfoliation also unclogs pores by eliminating excess oil, makeup, and any buildup of dead skin. This deep cleansing is such an important part of the European facial because it is the portion that triggers the skin cells to repair themselves by producing more collagen. It’s the extra collagen that makes your skin look so much brighter and healthier.

Since the pores dilate and become more open in heat, the European facial also involves steaming the pores to ensure that all debris and dirt has been completely removed. While the pores are still wide open, special skin treatment ingredients are rubbed into the face so they can be readily absorbed and utilized. This entire process is concluded with the relaxing experience of a warm towel placed over your face to support the steaming process.

Extraction is also an important element of the European facial, because it pulls all blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. Since extractions cause redness and inflammation on sensitive skin, be sure to talk to your cosmetic specialist if you’ve never undergone this process before. Dr. Toscano at Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida leads a team of skincare experts, so call 727-726-6100 today to learn how you can transform your own skin!  

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  1. I just read this article and I have to say, the European facial sounds like the perfect way to pamper yourself and achieve amazing skin!

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