Treat Your Man to a Spa Day

Spa days are not just for women, thank you very much. More men than ever are seeking out services best delivered by trained, certified, and licensed massage therapists, aestheticians, and manicurists/pedicurists working in clean, comfortable settings.

Will Your Guy Go to a Spa?

Guess what? Most guys are willing, if not eagerly, to try out a spa day gift—and not just the stereotypical metrosexual ones, either.

Ask guys what they like best about going to a barber, and chances are it’s the neck massage and/or hot towel treatments. Guess what? Spas deliver these too.

Also, consider: Who do you think came up with airlines’ business class? Guys did. For many years, they were the only ones in those extra-roomy seats. We’re willing to bet a Red Bamboo Gift Card that they brought on the barber shop treatment for those long trips.

All in all, it’s highly likely that your man, son, dad, brother, or buddy will be happy to “try out” that spa day gift card that you so thoughtfully bought for him.

What Spa Services Do Men Like?

According to a study of men’s spa likes and dislikes by the British Good Spa Guide, guys want an approach called EASY: effective, active, sensuous, and youthful. Here are the two most popular spa treatments among men:

  • Facials. Remember, they like those hot towels. Take them beyond that brief experience and recommend a facial. We suggest the European facial—or if he’s not the type to sit still, there’s an Express Facial option.
  • Massage. Guys go for deep tissue massages. At our spa, they can also enjoy a Japanese Hot Stone massage and therapeutic massage.

Once he’s relaxed about going to the spa, introduce services you want him to use like laser hair removal for the back.

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