Transform Your Skin with Electrolysis Hair Removal

laser hair removal 3Body hair isn’t exactly a desired trait in our society, but getting rid of it can be a pain. Whether you shave or wax, it’s an expensive, time-consuming endeavor that you’re forced to repeat for your entire life. Laser hair removal is an exciting alternative, but even laser hair removal can only guarantee permanent hair reduction. As it turns out, electrolysis is the only hair removal technology that is FDA-approved for truly permanent hair removal. If you are ready to embrace silky smooth skin for the rest of your lifewithout any hasslethen you better listen up.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses heat energy to destroy the growth center of each individual hair follicle. Since the growth center is completely destroyed, regrowth becomes impossible, allowing for permanent hair removal.

What is the Electrolysis Treatment Like?

During electrolysis, an extremely fine needleonly the size of a strand of hairis inserted into the natural openings of the hair follicle. Heat energy is sent into that follicle to destroy the growth cell. This might sound uncomfortable, but modern technology actually makes it nearly unnoticeable. Most patients report feeling a slight warming sensation, but nothing else.

Given the nature of hair growth, more than one electrolysis treatment is required to completely kill all hair growth cells. You can expect to return every few weeks or months until complete hair removal has been achieved. This means that electrolysis isn’t a quick fix and can’t require instant gratification like waxing. Instead, it requires time and patience, with the reward of remaining hair-free for the rest of your life.

What Else Should You Know?

In addition to the permanency of electrolysis hair removal, patients are drawn to its low-risk nature. There is no risk of burning the skin since light isn’t involved in the process, and it doesn’t utilize any chemicals or toxin-filled creams. But it does take time, since every single hair follicle must be treated individually. Treatments last between 15 minutes to an hour, and it can take anywhere from ten to 25 sessions for full results.

Considering that you’ll shave more than that in just one month, most patients feel it is very worth the wait!

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