Toscano Lip Lift Procedure: Is It Right For You?

The procedure known as a lip lift has become increasingly popular for many reasons. The primary reason is that it is a relatively non-invasive procedure that results in few, if any, side effects. Combined with the lip lift itself, an intradermal skin cell rejuvenation treatment serves to increase the positive effects of the lip lift by reducing potential scarring and promoting an overall relaxed appearance to your skin. Done together, the results of these procedures, known as the Toscano Lip Lift, can be seen and felt for eight to ten years. But is a lip lift right for you? By reading the following information about the lip lift procedure, and then talking to your doctor about available options, you will be able to make the right choice for your cosmetic needs.

What Happens?

During the Toscano Lip Lift procedure, which is performed under local anesthetic, a tiny bit of skin is removed from the corners of your mouth in order to aid in the reversal of the lip’s ‘downturn’ or frown-like appearance.

The one-two punch of this unique take on the standard lip procedure is the addition of the rejuvenation treatment. During this noninvasive procedure, a certified doctor runs a special instrument over the surface of your entire face and follows it up by massaging a stem-cell preparation into the skin. This combination promotes the natural production of collagen that will aid in the softening of wrinkles.

Side Effects

The best part about the Toscano Lip Lift is that there are virtually no side effects. You can almost immediately go about your normal daily routine. Of course, any adverse side effects should be reported to your doctor immediately, as these are not considered normal.

By talking to your doctor and informing yourself about all of the available options and what they entail, you will be able to make the right decision about how best to achieve your desired look.

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