The Top Two Reasons to Consider the PRP O-Shot

smart-lipo-iconAll women want to enjoy their time in the bedroom, but more women suffer from sexual dysfunction than are willing to admit it. Male sexual dysfunction has become a topic of open discussion thanks to Super Bowl commercials for Viagra, but it’s not as talked about for women. The inventors of the O-Shot aim to change all that by providing women with a way to gain back their sexual prowess. This “Orgasm Shot” could be the answer for any intimacy problems you are currently experiencing.

The O-Shot Uses Your Own Body to Heal Itself

The O-Shot actually uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to generate healing in your vaginal area. Platelets are found in blood and contain important growth factors that help the body health efficiently, so the PRP process simply increases the concentration of platelets in your own blood and re-injects it into the area where you need to heal. As new cells grow and tissue naturally regenerates, you’ll find that you’ll experience better sensation during sex and be freed from any pain you were coping with before.

It’s amazing that all of this can happen by simply harnessing the blood that is already in your body. This makes the O-Shot an incredibly safe treatment because your body won’t reject your own blood.

The O-Shot Can Solve Four Problems

Hopefully you don’t experience all four of these sexual dysfunction problems, but if you do, the O-Shot can help with them all! Low desire, difficulty attaining arousal, trouble achieving orgasm, and physical pain during sex are all real, legitimate bedroom problems. The O-Shot can solve them by healing the parts of the anatomy that dictate the issues. As sex no longer causes pain and doesn’t require as much effort to achieve desire, the other problems quickly fix themselves!

In addition, the O-Shot can improve sensitivity in that area, making sex much more pleasurable.

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