Top Three Spa Gifts

While Tampa spa services make great gifts, not all spa services are for everyone.  For example, each individual’s facial skin varies so greatly is can be difficult to select exactly the right facial for the  recipient.  By the same token, it can be awkward to give the gift of Botox or SmartLipo without being questioned on the intent.  Messages, by contrast, can work for pretty much anyone.  They are the universal language of relaxation.  But there are so many different types to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your particular gift giving situation?  Additionally, what if you want to give the gift of relaxation on a budget?  See below for our top three picks.


If you are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate how long you have been with your better half, try a couple’s massage.  Nothing says loving like relaxing together while you have your stresses melted away by the very capable hands of a trained message therapist.  Get ready for a big night the right way.


You want to give someone a great, thoughtful, relaxing give but you do not have a ton to spend.  The Perfect Sense Paraffin with Aromatherapy treatment for hands and feet is ideal.  It will provide the recipient of your gift with fifteen minutes of hands and feet covered in warm scented paraffin and then  in French terry gloves and booties at a very affordable price.  They get to relax and you get to go easy on your pocket book.


You want to give a special lady the perfect Christmas gift or your maid of honor a spectacular gift of thanks.  Whatever the occasion, if your gift recipient needs a vacation, then a Warm Shell Message is the way to go.  The use of smooth, natural shells along with mango and green tea blended oil will make them think they have been on a tropical getaway when they are done. 

If you need a gift that is both quick and thoughtful, a massage or paraffin treatment says it all. It says you see how hard they work, and you feel they need a break.  What better break than some time to themselves relaxing and getting pampered?


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