Three Ways to Pamper Your Eyebrows

24643390 - a woman s face with handing out before and after makeupHave you ever considered the role of your eyebrows in your overall appearance? Taking control of your brows and adding a touch of purposeful style can actually transform your face and boost your confidence. So where do you start? These three brow management techniques can be used together or separately to create the perfect brow shape.

Wax Away Unwanted Hair

You might be able to shave your legs, but not your eyebrows! Plucking is always an option, but it can become a tedious burden to maintain day after day. Waxing provides a quick and easy way to control stray eyebrow hairs and define the sexy curve of your brows. During your waxing session, a brow wax expert will begin with a consultation, then wax, tweeze, and trim as needed to leave you looking polished and pretty.

Brow Tinting

This procedure is becoming increasingly popular! It’s an affordable, quick, and simple way to define your look and bring additional definition to your brows. The tinting process helps women with lighter eyelashes attain a darker, bolder look, or provides existing dark hair with a boost. The color lasts as long as the brow itself, which naturally sheds in about a month. Chances are your medi spa will offer a brow wax and tint combo that allows you to easily maintenance your brows each month like clockwork.

Hair Feathering

Hair feathering is a more complex process than waxing and tinting, but it definitely plays an important role in brow definition. Many men and women with light, pencil-thin eyebrows and scar gaps rely on permanent makeup hair feathering to obtain full, attractive eyebrows that won’t smudge or fade. Hair feathering essentially uses hair stroke techniques to precisely use tinted permanent makeup to recreate the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. This feathering effect looks more natural than a solid fill.

If you’ve never pampered your eyebrows, now is the time to give it a try.

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