Three Things You Never Knew about Smart Lipo

10223014 - woman bodyLiposuction has been used for years to target and remove unwanted stores of fat that are resistant to exercise efforts. Though the end goal is exciting, standard liposuction has its share of downfalls that have led to more advanced and efficient technology developments. Smart Lipo is now the leading form of liposuction in America, and for good reason!

The Science Behind Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo isn’t just a slightly revised version of traditional liposuction. It is a cutting edge technology that uses meticulously calibrated laser beams to rupture fat cells under the top layer of your skin. When the fat deposits become liquefied, the oil substance is removed directly from your body through small incisions. Since the body only has a finite amount of fat cells, the fat that is destroyed can stay away permanently, and you can finally embrace the body you have always wanted!

SmartLipo Helps Keep Skin Clear and Tight

Two of the largest downsides of traditional liposuction are combated in Smart Lipo. The first is bruising, which happens easily and even startlingly in regular liposuction procedures. Smart Lipo has the advantage because the laser coagulates blood vessels to prevent swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Better yet, the Smart Lipo procedure introduces new collagen to the skin, which helps generate and maintain skin tightening. This is so important since skin has a tendency to sag once the fat stores underneath begin to diminish. With Smart Lipo, you can enjoy a thinner physique with skin that happily contours to your new shape.

Recovery is Simple

Perhaps you have heard horror stories from friends and family members recovering from traditional liposuction. Smart Lipo eliminates those hassles with a minimal recovery time. In fact, it’s so easy to get up and walk away after Smart Lipo that it’s now called the “Lunch Time Lipo,” as patients resume daily activities immediately following the treatment. If you opt for Smart Lipo, expect to wear post-surgical garments and bandages for a few weeks, but you are otherwise free to enjoy the appearance of your increasingly thin and toned body.

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