Three Components of a Truly Reliable Foundation

makeup1If you have never taken the time to read the ingredients label on your favorite foundation, you might want to do so. Most foundations, even those from popular name brands, are made with talc, dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other artificial additives that cause your skin and bloodstream considerable harm. Some ingredients are even known carcinogens! Rather than applying a poison to your face every single morning, find a foundation like the ones offered in the Jane Iredale line.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral makeup is made with essential minerals that are ground and milled into tiny particles. Look for ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and even pomegranate extract. Titanium dioxide is FDA-approved as a safe active ingredient in sunscreen, and it’s also known to calm inflammation while still providing color and coverage. Zinc oxide is also listed as an FDA-approved sunscreen ingredient that provides bacterial protection while calming inflammation. An added bonus ingredient like pomegranate extract can minimize UV damage while protecting the skin with its antioxidants.

Weightless and Sheer

There are many different terms used to describe foundation, and sheer is a popular one. But what exactly does it mean? A sheer foundation won’t make your face look caked with makeup, like thick creams or cheap powders have a tendency to do. With that said, you definitely want a sheer and weightless foundation that will glide on smoothly and help your skin look naturally flawless.

UV Protection

How great would it be to know that your skin is protected from the sun after simply applying your foundation each morning? As long as you use a mineral foundation that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, you will essentially have a light powder sunscreen on your skin to keep those UV rays from prematurely aging your skin. It can be a simple and effective step to your skincare routine.

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