The Therapeutic Power of a Warm Shell Massage

Warm shell massages, also known as lava shell massages are great for relaxation, refreshing the soul, and perfect for your skin. If you have never experienced a professional massage before, you don’t know what you are missing! Massages come with many benefits that many enjoy, and they are no longer just for celebrities and the rich.

A warm shell massage is a relatively new type of massage that utilizes heat therapy for a more relaxing experience. It is similar to a hot stone massage, but for the actual spa, the preparation and the clean-up are much less. With less time spent before and after the massage, many spas can offer it for a lower price than the hot stone variety. This is great news for you! Now you can save money, and still receive the ultimate massage experience from Red Bamboo Medi Spa. 

What to Expect when Getting a Massage

Any good massage therapist will ask you what is going on with your body, and will try to cater the massage to the areas you need help with the most. Sometimes a deep tissue massage is the type of work you need done to help loosen up the muscles and really work on them. However, other times, your body just needs to relax and a warm shell massage is the perfect solution.

Once your massage starts, you will be able to feel the heat from the shells, while your therapist massages your body. The shells are actually in the therapist’s hand. They are Tiger clam shells filled with a mixture of minerals, sea kelp and algae. When this mixture is added to salt water and essential oils it creates a heat that lasts up to two hours all over your skin. A warm soothing sensation one must experience to truly appreciate. 

The shells are highly polished so that they will glide right over your skin nice and softly. You can still feel the fingertips of your¬†masseuse¬†as they use long traditional strokes, much like a Swedish massage. Unlike a hot stone massage, there is no need to switch out the shells, so your massage won’t be interrupted.

What’s the Main Benefit of a Warm Shell Massage?

The main reason people choose the warm shell massage is for relaxation. Unlike the deep tissue massage, which is meant for working on the muscles, this type of massage is all about refreshing the body. The heat from the shells will help relax the muscles as the therapist’s glides over your body sending you into total relaxation.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our¬†specialty¬†massages visit our Massage page today. You can also call us at 1-727-726-6100 to¬†schedule¬†your massage, or inquire further. You deserve a break, and with our Warm Shell Massage you’ll remain in total relaxation all day long.


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