The Spa Super Trifecta

How do you get the most bang for your buck and avoid down time when it comes to spa treatments?  How do you get the best, long lasting results without time off work or a lot of pain? Try the spa super trifecta and get long lasting, noticeable results that will actually change your whole way of living.   What are these super heroes of spa treatments you ask?   What could possibly make you look better and make your life easier at the same time?

Laser Hair Removal Tampa, FL

It seems like such and insignificant thing.  Body hair on the legs, lip, or bikini area can be easily enough removed by shaving or waxing.  Why spend the money or time on laser hair removal.  First off, it is possible to do away with shaving and waxing altogether, forever.  That’s right, it is permanent.  You save time by no longer having to perform those basic yet time consuming beauty rituals, and you save money that will no longer have to be spent on wax, razors, or shaving cream.  Additionally, many note a better complexion after the procedure, which is a pretty nice bonus.

SmartLipo Tampa

I can hear your thoughts.  Really, you are thinking that liposuction is neither easy nor painless.   Though the innovative new technique known as SmartLipo is not pain free, the pain is much reduced from its more invasive big brother, and barely noticeable.  In fact, it only comes with the slight prick from the local anesthetic being injected under the skin.  This new procedure is done in the spa office under local anesthetic, and most return to work the next day.   In fact, in our office you are awake the entire time and free to chat or snack on juice or crackers during the procedure.  Incisions are tiny, like the size of pencil tip or thin strand of pasta, and after two weeks in the compression attire you will see amazing results without hours of high impact exercise.  Live a healthier, thinner life in cuter clothes.

Permanent Makeup

After you have the body of your dreams and you no longer have to shave, why not take it one step further and forget about applying makeup?  Don’t trade in your makeup bag just yet, but on those mornings when you are short on time, wouldn’t be nice to just be able to run out the door and not look like a ghost.  With the permanent brow enhancements and eyeliner, you can look great even when in a hurry or just do not have on your regular makeup.  Save time by eliminating the trickiest procedure from your makeup routine and cut eyeliner from your makeup budget. 

Just imagine how the combination of these three procedures could change the way you live.  You could actually look and feel great, wear smaller clothes, and save time that you used to spend shaving and applying makeup.  Sounds like a win-win to me.


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