The New Advancements to Liposuction

In the past when you had a liposuction procedure performed, it took quite a while until you were ready to go back to your normal lifestyle. The process left you with an extensive healing period, which often prevented people to opt for the treatment. Not everyone has the time to forget their daily responsibilities or take time off from work to heal from their liposuction treatment. However, with the new and improved advancements to technology, the extensive healing process from the procedure, as well as the scars left from the incision location are a thing of the past. So, what does this mean for you? It means you can have the procedure done on a Friday and return back to your job on Monday, making it possible for many people who have been hesitant on liposuction, to finally have the opportunity to get it done.

When liposuction first came about, it wasn’t uncommon for the patient to have lumps or incision scars left behind from the process, which often left the patient covering up different areas of their body out of embarrassment. Now you can get the procedure done and no one will ever know a thing about it. Better yet, the once painful treatment can now be done without any pain at all for you to deal with. Through advancements such as; Tickle, Smart-Lipo, Laser and Body Jet liposuction, you have the ability to choose an entirely new liposuction procedure for you.

The process of liposuction remained the same for many years and the patient’s skin was torn open with a large incision, then the fat cells were sucked out with a large suction tool. Other than the pain that lasted for quite some time after the procedure, the area was basically always noticeably defected. The new advancements in liposuction use a laser to create very small incisions that can be easily hidden or fall into the creases of your skin. When the laser incision is made, a solution is poured into the hole, which makes the fat bubble up and it is then easier to remove. Also, one downfall of liposuction was the sagging skin it left behind. When you use the new process with lasers, the laser heats up the area of skin and prevent it from sagging.

Body Jet liposuction is done by creating fast pulsating pressure using a specialized machine on the area you are looking to sculpt. When this pulsating pressure is applied, it breaks up the fat and allows it to move away from the area and create a more sculpted appearance. While liposuction was one a lose-win situation, these new advancements have made it possible for doctors to sculpt your body until it meets your exact preferences. Many times two of these new methods will be used together to create to most effective results, especially for areas such as abdominal sculpting. As technology continues to grow there will be even more advancements, which may make it possible for large amounts of fat to be safely removed from the body without dangerous side effects.

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