The Different Types of Wrinkle Fillers

Using injectable wrinkle fillers can give you a great, younger looking completion for just a fraction of the cost of other more evasive treatments, such as a facial lift. The best part of opting for this type of facial treatment is the fact that most of the treatments can be completed in about 30 minutes and will provide you with immediate results. Inject-able wrinkle fillers should never be confused with the process of Botox because they are two completely different methods. When you get a wrinkle filler treatment done, several different types of chemicals will be injected into the area and they will immediately fill in the wrinkle, making it disappear.

Not many people know, unless they have gotten the treatment done in the past that wrinkle fillers can be used for many other beauty treatments other than filling in wrinkles. They are also used to create volume that can fill out the cheeks, lips and even your hands! This is just an extra perk that is often offered to patients who are getting a wrinkle filler injection treatment. Wrinkle fillers are also generally safe, with the only concern being a possible allergic reaction to the type of filler being used. To prevent this from occurring, the patient is often tested will a small bit of the filler prior to completing the injections’ throughout the entire face.

Hydrolic acid wrinkle fillers are the most common type of filler used. There are many different types of hydrolic acid fillers, and each application can last for up to a year. Some researches claim that this particular type of filler can help stimulate collagen and help your skin to naturally repair itself.

The second most popular wrinkles fillers are synthetic fillers. There are some pros and cons to this type of wrinkle filler. The main pro is that they can be used to permanent fill in the wrinkles on your face, however if the filler should shift out of place overtime, it can cause extensive dis-figuration to your face.

Collagen wrinkle fillers are the first type of filler to ever be used for wrinkle injections. The results of this wrinkle filler tend to last for a much shorter period of time than other types of fillers, but it is said that collagen wrinkle fillers looks much more natural than the other types. The collagen fillers come in two different forms. Some come as extracted collagen from animals and is then processed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, while others are made from synthetic collagen, which has a higher risk for reaction.

Autologous wrinkle fillers are made from fat that is taken from your own body and injected into the face. This type of filler is one of the safest because there is no risk for an allergic reaction. However, you need to have two procedures done. The first procedure is to remove the fat from the body, and the second procedure to inject it into the skin, which may be inconvenient for some. 

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