The Best Injectables for Your Skin

botox3The Grammys and Emmys don’t deserve all of the Award Season attention! The Aesthetic Industry Awards is a brand new award field created to honor companies that have developed pioneering products and technologies in medical aesthetics. As the Aesthetics industry continues to exceed expectations with state-of-the-art advances, it’s only fair that the best of the best receive recognition.

The categories for these Aesthetic Industry Awards covered everything from hair removal and skin rejuvenation to body shaping. Best Injectables Xeomin, Radiesse, and Belotero, all by Merz Aesthetics, took home the prize! Chances are that your favorite local medical spa provides these fillers, so you can take advantage of the best cosmetic enhancement options available.


Xeomin is known as the “Naked Botox”; in other words, a neuro-modulator used to decrease deep facial wrinkles by inhibiting the activity of the facial muscles that cause wrinkles to form. Xeomin’s “naked” label stems from the fact that Xeomin does not have any protein coat around the Botulinum molecules. It is believed that Xeomin can work quicker and more effectively without the protein causing a delay.

This product has always become a favorite because it does not require refrigeration like most other fillers. Botox, for example, must be delivered in dry ice and then stored in cool temperatures. Since Xeomin is cheaper to ship and more convenient to transport, it is often more affordable for patients.


This facial filler has steadily grown in popularity over the years, as its award proves. Not only does this filler soften wrinkles around the nose and mouth, but it also restores lost mid-face volume for a naturally full, youthful appearance.

Better yet, Radiesse can provide 50 percent more volume than other fillers since it comes in larger syringes, and it can last up to three full years, which is significantly longer than other dermal fillers.

If that wasn’t enough to prove its worth, Radiesse also encourages natural collagen growth in the skin, so the skin can repair itself and provide a true, lasting sense of rejuvenation. Radiesse is even approved for use in the back of the hands to eliminate bulging veins that come with age.


This unique filler offers qualities not found in other products. It’s perfect for superficial injections into fine lines, especially the delicate tear troughs and hollows under the eyes.

With so many superior choices, you can look 10 years younger in no time at all.

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