Take Your Lips to the Next Level with Juvederm Lip Enhancement

You’ve had your teeth whitened and are ready to try out your new seductive smile. Why not go the full 9 yards and add sexy pouty lips to that great smile as well? With Juvederm lip enhancement you’ll have everything in place to showcase your pearly whites with pride. Your lips will appear fuller and plumper and you’ll finally be able to put aside all of those useless lip plumping glosses that didn’t do the job anyway

When it comes to lip augmentation any changes should be subtle. You don’t need to make any type of radical changes in order to get a sexy fullness on your lips. A small change goes a long way in the lip area and you don’t want to end up with lips that are too overbearing either.

Before going ahead with a treatment plan you’ll need to discuss what you’re looking for and the end goal for this type of procedure with the practitioner. Are you looking for lips with more body? Do you want more definition on the edges of your lips? Whatever you’re looking for, the practitioner will be able to let you know whether it can be done and what you can expect from the treatment.

During the procedure a topical pain reliever will be applied to the lips to keep you comfortable. Afterwards you can expect to see some swelling of the lips but this will go down usually within 24 hours. Applying ice to the lips after the procedure will also help with any discomfort and swelling. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid, which is the sugar that naturally occurs in our bodies. This makes the filler more easily accepted and it is rare to see any type of allergic reaction occur.

To get your lips looking like they did when you were a teenager with a natural and luscious look you’ll want to invest in Tampa Juvederm lip enhancement. When you want to make a great first impression and are ready to take your lips to the next level this is definitely the way to go.

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