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Q:        What is Radiesse?

A:        Radiesse is a Facial Filler that is particularly good at restoring lost volume and bringing back a full youthful look to your face. As we age, our own natural collagen breaks down and looses elasticity. This causes sagging, wrinkles, hollows, jowls and other visible signs of aging. Radiesse fills in hollow areas and gives your skin a tighter and suppler look.

Q:        What is it made of and how does it work?

A:        Radiesse is composed of tiny microspheres of Calcium Hydroxylapatite, a compound very similar to our body’s own natural structural matrix. Radiesse creates a lattice or scaffolding where surrounding cells can grow and new collagen can attach. This new collagen is supple and elastic and gives the filled area a very natural appearance

Q:        How is it different from Restylane and Juvederm?

A:        Restylane and Juvaderm are made of a different substance that fills but does not promote the growth of new collagen. They are ideal for areas that need a very precise fill like lips or superficial wrinkles. Radiesse, on the other hand, plumps a bit after it is placed making it ideal for volume replacement but not a good choice for lips.

Q:        Where can Radiesse be used?

A:        Radiesse produces superb results over the cheek bones or the temples where it pulls the skin upwards and reduces the hollows of the cheeks and the loose skin under the eyes. When placed along the jaw line it erases jowls caused by laxity. It also works well to fill the lines from the edge of the nose to the lips and the depressed areas between the lips and the chin.

Q:        Any other areas?

A:        Yes, the back of the hands are areas that can really show aging and volume loss, the tops of the feet, too. We’ve gotten excellent results injecting Radiesse into these areas. Even the earlobes, deflated by years of heavy earrings, can be plumped with Radiesse.

Q:        How long does Radiesse last?

A:        Usually Radiesse will last up to 18 months but since it promotes the formation of new collagen, some of the increase in volume and elasticity may last much longer.

Q:        Is it painful?

A:        Not at all. Radiesse has received approval from the FDA to be mixed with a local anesthetic agent. Most patients find the injections to be quite comfortable.

Q:        What about bruising or swelling?

A:        We use a very slow and careful injection technique that usually produces no bruising at all. There may be some minimal swelling afterward but this goes away quite rapidly.

Q:        How quickly will I see results?

A:        You will notice an immediate enhancement in the texture, elasticity and shape of your skin. Because, over time, new cells begin to grow and collagen begins to form on the microsphere matrix, you can expect the effect to continue to improve for weeks.

Q:        It sounds great. How much does it cost and how many will I need?

A:        Radiesse is priced competitively with other fillers. The best way to answer this question is to come in for a complimentary consultation. Tell us what areas concern you and we will be happy to give you advice about which fillers will give you the results you want.

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