Spring into Radiance with Our Special on Dermaplaning Facials

As the flowers bloom and the sun begins to shine brighter, it’s the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine with our special spring offer on dermaplaning facials at Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater. This season, give your skin the gift of glow with a treatment that not only exfoliates but also rejuvenates and revitalizes.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a highly effective exfoliation technique that refinishes the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, using a controlled and gentle scraping technique. This popular facial treatment is designed to leave your skin smoother and more vibrant by removing dead skin cells, vellus hair (commonly known as peach fuzz), and softening the appearance of fine lines.

 Benefits of Dermaplaning

1. Immediate Results with No Downtime

One of the best features of dermaplaning is the immediate improvement in the texture and tone of your skin, without any downtime. After just one session, you can step out of our spa and immediately notice your skin’s smoother, brighter appearance.

2. Enhanced Penetration of Skincare Products

By removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, dermaplaning increases the efficacy of your skincare products. With no dead skin cells to obstruct them, your favorite creams and serums are absorbed more effectively, enhancing their benefits.

3. Reduces Fine Lines and Minor Imperfections

Regular dermaplaning sessions can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and give you a more youthful complexion by stimulating collagen production, a key factor in maintaining elastic, vibrant skin.

4. No More Peach Fuzz

Aside from smoothing and refining skin texture, dermaplaning removes the fine vellus hair from the face. This not only contributes to a sleeker look but also aids in achieving a flawless makeup application.

5. Suitable for Most Skin Types

Dermaplaning is safe and effective for almost all skin types and tones. It’s a particularly excellent option for those with sensitive skin who are looking for a gentle yet effective exfoliation method.

Spring Special at Red Bamboo Medi Spa

This spring, we’re excited to offer a special promotion on our dermaplaning facials. It’s the perfect time to try this treatment at a great price. Whether you’re preparing for a special event or just want to maintain your skin’s health and radiance, our dermaplaning facial will provide the rejuvenation your skin needs to match the vibrant, lively season of spring.

Why Choose Red Bamboo Medi Spa?

At Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, our skilled estheticians are experts in the art of dermaplaning. We ensure that each treatment is tailored to meet your specific skin care needs, providing a relaxing, transformative experience.

Don’t miss out on our special spring offer! Book your dermaplaning facial appointment today. At Red Bamboo Medi Spa, we’re here to help you achieve and maintain your best and brightest complexion. 

The PERFECT MASK for Spooky Season: Discover the Power of Our Pore Purifying Black Clay Mask

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn clogged pores and excess oil? Look no further than the Pore Purifying Clay Mask from our Revision Skincare line. The ultimate solution to achieve flawless, refined skin. Formerly known as the Black Mask, this intensive skincare treatment is formulated with the highest quality earth clays and unique properties of Silt derived from European freshwater lakes. Let’s delve into the incredible benefits of this pore-purifying marvel that we love to use during our spa facials. 

Deep Cleansing and Unclogging Pores

The Pore Purifying Clay Mask is designed to penetrate deep into your skin, targeting those hard-to-reach pores that can become clogged with dirt, debris, and excess oil. The high-quality earth clays present in the mask work actively to absorb impurities and clear out congestion, leaving your skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and free from pore blockages. Say goodbye to blackheads and hello to a smoother, more refined complexion.

Refining the Appearance of Pores

Large and noticeable pores can be a source of frustration for many individuals. Luckily, the Pore Purifying Clay Mask is here to help. By incorporating this mask into your skincare routine, or coming to receive regular treatments with us you’ll notice a visible improvement in the appearance of your pores over time. The mask’s powerful formulation effectively reduces the size of pores, creating a more even skin texture and a smoother canvas for flawless makeup application.

Soothing and Purifying Properties of Silt

Derived from European freshwater lakes, the Pore Purifying Clay Mask harnesses the unique properties of Silt, adding an extra boost of purifying and soothing benefits to your skincare regimen. Silt is rich in minerals and nutrients that nourish and revitalize the skin, providing it with the essential hydration it needs. This natural ingredient helps to calm and soothe any redness or irritation, leaving your skin feeling balanced and refreshed.

Polished and Smooth Skin

After indulging in a pampering session with our team and the  Pore Purifying Clay Mask, you can expect your skin to be left looking polished and smooth. The mask’s intensive formula deeply cleanses and exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and impurities that can make your complexion appear dull and lackluster. The result? A radiant and glowing complexion that you’ll be proud to show off.

Ready to unlock the secrets of pore-perfecting skincare? Visit our spa for a facial you won’t forget..and your skin won’t either. It’s the perfect kick-off to SPOOKY SEASON. 🍂🍁

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Unveiling the Power of Advanced Stem Cell Services: PRP Facials, O-Shot, and PRP Hair Regeneration

Red Bamboo Medi Spa - Advanced Stem Cell Services- PRP Facials, O-Shot, and PRP Hair Regeneration

Unveiling the Power of Advanced Stem Cell Services: PRP Facials, O-Shot, and PRP Hair Regeneration


Welcome to the future of regenerative beauty and wellness! Red Bamboo Medi Spa brings you a range of cutting-edge treatments that harness the incredible potential of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate and revitalize. 

Let’s delve into the wonders of PRP Facials, the “O” Shot for enhanced sexual wellness, and the remarkable PRP Hair Regeneration. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore these revolutionary non-surgical treatments that promise to unlock your body’s natural healing powers.

Red Bamboo Medi Spa - Advanced Stem Cell Services- PRP Facials

Platelet Rich Plasma Facials

PRP Facials: The Fountain of Youth in a Syringe

Are you seeking a non-invasive, natural way to turn back the clock on your skin? PRP Facials are the ultimate answer! This revolutionary treatment uses your body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma, which is rich in growth factors, to stimulate collagen production, boost cell regeneration, and rejuvenate your skin from within.

During the procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the PRP. This golden liquid, teeming with rejuvenating properties, is then carefully infused into your skin using micro-needling or other advanced techniques.

The result? A radiant, smoother complexion, diminished fine lines, and a reduction in skin imperfections. PRP Facials not only restore your youthful glow but also help improve skin texture, making it an ideal choice for acne scars and stretch marks.


The “O” Shot: Empowering Female Sexual Wellness

The “O” Shot, or Orgasm Shot, has been a game-changer in women’s sexual health and well-being. This non-surgical procedure uses PRP to revitalize the vagina and clitoris, leading to increased sexual arousal and pleasure. For women experiencing sexual dysfunction or reduced sensitivity, the “O” Shot offers hope for enhanced intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Administered by our experienced medical professionals, the “O” Shot involves a painless and quick procedure where PRP is carefully injected into specific areas of the vagina. This stimulates tissue regeneration and promotes the growth of new blood vessels, leading to improved sensitivity and arousal. The results are transformative, offering women renewed confidence and a more fulfilling intimate life.


Red Bamboo Medi Spa - Advanced Stem Cell Services - PRP Hair Regeneration

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Regeneration

PRP Hair Regeneration: Transforming Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be distressing, affecting both men and women alike. If you’ve been searching for a safe, effective solution to regrow and strengthen your hair, PRP Hair Regeneration may be your answer!

By injecting PRP directly into the scalp, we encourage hair follicles to become more robust and active. PRP contains essential growth factors that promote hair growth and help in thickening existing hair strands. The procedure is virtually painless, and there is no downtime, making it a convenient option for those seeking to reverse hair loss.


Why Choose Red Bamboo Medi Spa

At Red Bamboo Medi Spa, we take pride in offering revolutionary treatments that are both scientifically advanced and natural. Our experienced medical team is committed to providing personalized care to each patient, ensuring their safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

With a focus on PRP Facials, the “O” Shot, and PRP Hair Regeneration, we aim to help you look and feel your best, harnessing the power of your body’s own healing potential.


Embrace Rejuvenation, Unlock Your Natural Beauty

Discover a new era of beauty and wellness with Advanced Stem Cell Services and the transformative benefits of PRP Facials, the “O” Shot, and PRP Hair Regeneration. Embrace rejuvenation from the inside out and reclaim your youthful glow. Book a consultation with our experts today at Red Bamboo Medi Spa and embark on a journey of renewed vitality and confidence!

Ready to experience the power of PRP Facials, the “O” Shot, and PRP Hair Regeneration? Book your consultation at Red Bamboo Medi Spa now and discover a world of rejuvenation and natural beauty. Embrace the transformative benefits today! 

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