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Hydrelle, the new facial filler

Q:        I’ve never heard of it. What is Hydrelle and what does it do?

A:        Hydrelle is a new facial filler by Coapt Systems that you may have seen advertized in magazines or featured on hit TV show, The Doctors (WFLA-TV8). We’ve been using it now for several months and we are very excited about the excellent results our patients have experienced.

Q:        What is it made of and where in the face can it be used?

A:        Like Restylane or Juvederm, Hydrelle is made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance that we all have in our own facial support tissues. Hydrelle is particularly effective at softening the deep lines that extend from the wings of the nose to the outer corners of the lips (the nasolabial folds) and down to the jaw line (the marionette lines). It is also excellent at reducing superficial lines and wrinkles that commonly occur on the cheeks, the chin and elsewhere on the face.

Q:        How is Hydrelle different than other HA fillers?

A:        Hydrelle is different is several important ways. First Hydrelle has a higher concentration of Hyaluronic Acid than any other HA filler (28% verses 24%) and the structure of the molecule is larger. The higher concentration and larger structure causes more water to be pulled into the area so Hydrelle tends to “plump-up” more than other HA fillers so we can use less volume of the product to achieve the same effect. In addition, the Hydrelle syringe contains more of the product than some other HA syringes. Commonly a single Hydrelle syringe can produce about the same results as two syringes of other HA fillers. This results in a significant savings to you.

Q:        Any there other differences?

A:        Yes. Hydrelle is the first facial filler to come premixed with lidocaine, a numbing medication. Previously, we’ve used dental blocks to numb the face before injecting fillers. With Hydrelle, the injections are so comfortable that a dental block is unnecessary. We will still offer a dental block to any patient who prefers one but most patients find that the injections are not particularly painful.

Also, Hydrelle is not as viscous or thick as some of the other HA products. Because it is easier to inject, we are able have greater control over the effects we are trying to create.

Q:        It sounds great. You can use less of it, it comes in a larger syringe and you don’t need a dental block. Are there any downsides?

A:        Because Hydrelle plumps up more than other HA fillers, it is very effective for most areas of the face. But along thin the borders of the lips, we believe that other HA products allow us more precise control over the subtle enhancement that most women want.

Q:        What about the price? It must cost a lot more.

A:        Presently we are able to offer a syringe of Hydrelle to our patients for even LESS than the cost of other fillers. In addition, for a limited time, if you purchase a syringe of ANY filler including Hydrelle, we will offer you a substantial discount on the second or third syringe of any filler – the fillers do not have to be the same product. You can enhance your lips with Juvederm, soften wrinkles with Hydrelle, and replace volume in the cheeks with Radiesse.

We can help you choose the right fillers to use to obtain that youthful refreshed look in time for the holidays.

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