Spring into Spring with Your Skin! Undoing the Damage of Winter

Winter is finally over, and spring is definitely in the air! However, whilst it’s a welcome sight to see the sun again, what’s not so welcome is the inevitable damage that cold winds and chilly temperatures have done to your skin.

However, it’s easy enough to refresh and rejuvenate even the most tired winter skin with the right care and attention.

Spring Skin-Care Regime

1)    Eat well. Healthy skin starts with good nutrition, and if you’re feeling run-down, this won’t help. Make sure you eat a diet that’s rich in vitamin C, monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, as this will help restore your lifeless, dull-looking skin.

2)    Oatmeal bath. An oatmeal bath is wonderfully relaxing, and can bring moisture back to even the driest of bodies. Add oatmeal to the running water, then simply luxuriate and wash away those winter woes!

3)    Chemical peels or microdermabrasion. If your skin is looking particularly drab and winter-damaged, a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment could be the answer. Both these treatments will gently remove the unsightly dead skin cells on your face, revealing fresher, younger skin below.

4)    Avoid extreme heat. It’s time to turn down the radiators and avoid scalding hot showers, as these will only serve to make your skin feel even drier. Get out in the sun, but make sure to use sun-cream to provide protection; and don’t stay exposed to those rays for too long.

5)    Cut down on the drink. Whilst the occasional glass of wine never did any harm, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as it’s one of the major causes of bags under the eyes, not to mention pasty looking skin!

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