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Q:        I have been hearing a lot lately about SmartLipo, but I don’t really understand it.  Can you explain?

A:        SmartLipo is a new and improved way to perform liposuction. It is safer, quicker, easier and has a much shorter recovery time than traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo uses a powerful laser to send energy through a thin fiberoptic thread. This thread is inserted under the skin into a collection of fat and then melts it so it can be removed by suction.

Q:        Sounds painful.  Is it?

A:        Actually no. Before the laser is inserted, we infuse an anesthetic solution under the skin that makes the whole area numb. It feels a little weird to have something going on under your skin, but it’s not painful.

Q:        I’m asleep, right?

A:        No. The procedure is so painless that you are wide awake the whole time.  You can sip tea, munch on a cracker, listen to music or even make phone calls while it’s going on. You don’t even need an I.V. line.

If you feel a little nervous, we can give you a mild sedative pill to help you relax and one of our staff is with you the entire time to massage you and get you anything you might need. You can even have your spouse or a friend in the room with you. Your comfort is very important to us at REDBAMBOO Medi•Spa.

Q:        What areas can you do?

A:        The abdomen, waist, flanks, back, arms, thighs, knees and even the neck can all be beautifully sculpted using SmartLipo.

Q:        What about recovery time?

A:        It’s pretty rapid. You should be fine to walk around your neighborhood even just a few hours after SmartLipo. We’d like you to take it easy for a day or two afterward but it’s common to be back at work within just a few days. We ask you to wear a compressive garment (which we supply) for about 2 weeks.

Q:        How much does it cost?

A:        Prices vary with the number of areas but are significantly less than traditional liposuction. Three large areas usually costs about $7,500 but we are presently offering $1000 off of our usual prices. Unlike other places, our prices include absolutely everything, including lab work, garments, medications, ultrasound, lunch and even Limo pickup and drop off on the day of the procedure.

Q:        There are a lot of similar sounding names like Vaser, Slimlipo, and SmartLipo MPX.  What do they all mean?

A:        Both SmartLipo and the “MPX” version of SmartLipo are made by Cynosure, the world leader in laser liposuction technology. There’s very little difference between the two machines. The MPX has a second laser head and a little more power but no one has ever shown any advantage of one machine over the other in terms of speed, effectiveness or results.

“Slimlipo” by Palomar uses a different wavelength and is made by a company without Cynosure’s years of experience in this field.  “Vaser” is ultrasound – less precise and less effective.  “Artlipo” is Vaser plus SmartLipo done with an older, less powerful laser.

Q:        How do I decide who to go to for SmartLipo?

A:        The most important factor is the experience of the Physician performing the procedure.  At REDBAMBOO Medi•Spa, we have performed more SmartLipo procedures in Pinellas County and have been doing them here longer than anyone else. Period. We have even performed SmartLipo on Physicians, Registered Nurses and a few celebrities. Recently, the duPont Registry named us “The Best in Tampa Bay” at SmartLipo and Tampa Bay Metro Magazine has named us “Doctors of Distinction”. We will be happy to show you examples of our results and answer all of your questions. Call us at REDBAMBOO Medi•Spa for a complimentary consultation.

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