Smart Lipo Is The Gold Standard For Laser Liposuction

Who hasn’t dreamed of a slimmer, trimmer body or the reduction of wrinkles and a saggy neck? No matter how often and efficiently you exercise or how healthy your diet, time does take a toll on certain areas of the body that can detract from your appearance and affect your self-confidence.

In spite of the claims of many different ‘miracle cures’ and procedures, there are only a few things that will work to help solve these cosmetic problems. Advancements in laser technology have provided doctors with a better option for liposuction that is significantly less invasive, has fewer side effects, allows for a much quicker recovery and offers positive, long-lasting results with permanent fat removal.

The Story Of Smart Lipo

It may be surprising to hear, but efforts to remove body fat through suctioning began in the 1920s. Officially, however, modern liposuction didn’t become practical until the 1970s and 1980s when procedures were developed by a number of different medical professionals.

Smart Lipo, devised and approved for testing in 2006 by the American firm Cynosure Corp., represents one of the first and still one of the best laser fat removal systems. With final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 2009, Smart Lipo has gone on to be one of the most preferred laser liposuction procedures in the country.

What Makes SmartLipo Superior?

When comparing SmartLipo to other types of body sculpting techniques, and especially traditional liposuction, a number of benefits become obvious.

  • SmartLipo is minimally invasive.  

  • SmartLipo does not require general anesthesia

  • SmartLipo involves no IV lines

  • SmartLipo patients are wide awake

  • SmartLipo is virtually painless

  • SmartLipo requires minimum time for recuperation

  • SmartLipo is affordable

  • SmartLipo laser fat removal promotes the growth of collagen that tightens up the skin

How Do Other Procedures Compare?

Free enterprise is the basis of our economy but having a variety of providers to choose from does not mean they are all equal. Comparisons show that SmartLipo enjoys a much higher rate of success with corresponding client satisfaction. In fact, SmartLipo is considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ of laser liposuction treatments. SmartLipo practitioners keep up with the latest news and product developments and offer unsurpassed customer comfort.

Advertisements for some of the other types of body sculpting techniques are very careful with their wording so that customers don’t realize they will not have the great results that SmartLipo can achieve. One of the key phrases used refers to the ‘minimized appearance of fat’ and means that the treatment only has a short-term effect. In other words, the customer spends money for some body toning that could be accomplished at the gym.

Cool Lipo, Zerona, Zeltiq, i-Lipo, Vela Shape, and Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments also claim to remove fat and improve body shape and appearance but their results cannot compare to SmartLipo. At the least, they are simply much less effective and at the worst they don’t achieve any measurable or lasting results.

Because SmartLipo actually removes liquefied fat from the body during a minimally invasive procedure, there is a relatively permanent reduction in the areas that have been treated. Nothing can claim to last forever since long term body shape is determined by exercise, dietary habits and genetics but SmartLipo does create a measurable improvement in the proportions of the body by permanently removing fat cells.

What Does The SmartLipo Practitioner Do?

Anyone considering body sculpting with SmartLipo begins with a consultation with the doctor. Options are discussed and the extent of the job is decided.

  1. When it is time for the procedure, the client is made comfortable and helped to relax with a mild oral sedative.

  2. Lines are drawn around the body areas where the work is to be performed.

  3. Local anesthesia is administered to numb the intended work sites.

  4. A very small incision is made through which the laser and suction cannula are inserted.

  5. The laser fiber heats up to melt the fat under the skin and cause those cells to swell and burst.

  6. The fat that is released may be suctioned or left for the body to dispose of naturally through the liver.

  7. Clients receive care instructions, compression garments and go home to rest for typically just a day or two.

Since this is a surgical procedure, certain precautions need to be observed but since it is so minimally invasive, most clients have no ill effects. There will be some minor bruising and soreness but nothing severe.

Who Can Benefit From SmartLipo Body sculpting?

The answer to this question is simple – virtually anyone. There are, of course, conditions that would prevent some people from undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure due to chance of complications, but with approval from the doctor and a consultation with the SmartLipo staff, anyone who is interested in improving their appearance can benefit from this amazing technique.

SmartLipo can be used for that stubborn fat in the arms, face, neck, waist, hips and bra line. For clients who use traditional liposuction, SmartLipo can also be performed to reach certain spots and create a smoother transition from the treated areas to the natural body contours due to the greater precision possible with the more delicate equipment.

Points To Consider When Looking For The Best Laser Liposuction

When you no longer want to see what the mirror is showing you, it is good to know that there is a reliable method for permanent fat removal. The facts are that SmartLipo is the ‘Gold Standard’ for minimally invasive, virtually painless laser liposuction. This procedure actually helps you to recover quickly with less pain so you can be back to your normal activities in no time.

  • By using a controlled laser fiber, the fat cells are better targeted and killed.

  • The heat from the laser closes off the blood vessels to limit bleeding.

  • The laser also activates the growth of collagen to return elasticity to the skin and significantly reduce sagging skin – even by as much as 80%!

  • Clients are contacted within a day of the procedure to be sure everything is fine.

  • There is usually no need for additional treatments.

Other considerations are dependent on the practitioners, but many encourage a complete mind and body experience of relaxation and pampering. You are there because you want to look and feel your best so you deserve to be treated with plenty of personalized care and attention.

Find out exactly how SmartLipo can help you achieve your appearance goals by making an apppointment for a complementary consultation with Dr. Frank Toscano. With locations throughout Pinellas County, a new you is just a short drive away. Contact Red Bamboo Medi-Spa at 727 726-6100 

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